hide                     Are you hiding from the  truth?   Are you hiding from Jesus? You're all serving Jesus but  want to  avoid the truth. Depart from us, Let us hear no more of  the Holy one of Israel...  You either hate the truth or love the truth.  Love the truth or panic at the truth.  Instead of getting into what everyone thinks, you should  say "what could I gain by the strength of their hand" Why are we  panicked at the truth.  Stewart just has to be here and we panic. We appropriate Stewart.  Why are you panicked at the truth again? Why are we panicked at Stewart?  People only panic at something as
much as they can stand to loose.  "Stand to loose." We like to come around Stewart because we get a chance to steal some good fruit, but scared to death of getting caught.

                  You would only panic to  the degree to  which you stand to loose.  How come Stewart is simultaneously   the source of yum yums and panic"?  How come bros.. and Sis's panic around him?  You get lots of good things from your heavenly father.  To the degree to which you invest what He gives you in your own little empire, and of course your empire is eminent...What zeal to keep your empire. To the degree you invest what your Heavenly Father gives you in your little empire, that is the degree you have to loose, in your eyes. such yum and such panic. "lf I say I will  not go for yum
yums any more, there is within me..."

                  He said "This one  you mustn't touch'   Do I have a little empire? What do people do  when their real interests are threatened?   Israel means 'He who strives against God and prevails.  Nebuchanezar said 'All this I have built with my own hand, - his  hope was in his empire.

                  Protecting yourselves against the truth.  Isn't the power of the question a neat toy?  When Stewart came in we were hiding the story this week.  This week there was good and evil.  But because of not practicing faith in God's love we can't afford to face the truth.  You have no hope.  But because of God's love 'Christians are the only ones who can face anything and still have hope'.  How come you can't stand to face the evil side?  "Bless him when he puts something in your mouth and curse him ... *

                  Must confess sins to one another to have unity.  Confess in a constructive way, not the wailing stuff.  The answer is to cover up and not to heal.  "Singing songs to a heavy heart." "Crying peace, peace, when there is no peace.  Hiding so I can protect my  little empire which might be in danger.  Why don't you just say 'who cares about my little empire?' why do you people lead this picture that everything is so wonderful.  Really sneaky people give you the bricks to build the empire but they know how to pull the rug out.  Stewart is always trying to get you to follow Jesus as Lord.  No counsel, no plan will prevail against the Lord.

What is faith? What is the way that seems right?  Building my empire. How would faith be  working in your life now? How is faith supposed to be at work in your life now?  If you were walking by faith, specifically in your circumstances, what would be the shape of this week?  If you've settled it in your mind, why would you so desperately continue covering the old which you've left?  If you've settled it in your mind that your life isn't going to York accept by faith in Jesus saving you, why would you be so desperately hiding?  Why would you hide so desperately  from someone in whom you put your faith?  Wouldn't you be glad to fellowship with him and expose the unfruitful works of darkness?

                Step 2 and step 3 - what does it come down to?  Your motivation comes from the hope of your empire instead of unity. 3 is supposed to be confessing to each other your need for Jesus for  real.  Admit means to acknowledge the facts.  You can't confess without choosing.  Must you be a thief investing in your empire  instead of investing in pleasing him?  You're so busy using it for yourselves.  You have no time for the real stuff.  You waste all night with flowers trying to act like everything is o.k.

                Strive to enter doesn't mean strive at works as your basis. Strive to enter means fight the good fight of the faith.  There is no way you can love one another without faith .1" Jesus as Lord and without falling into the earth.  Faith - doing the faith lesson really - lot faith in God's love.  Faith that God loves me and therefore I've got it made, that's why I'm forgetting these other things.  Settle it in your minds in a more real way and confess it to Jesus in a more real way.

                Everything you get you_________  'Who will entrust to him that which is not his own"?  You analysis yourself all week into paralysis.  This last week there were definitely very good things and very bad things with you.  You make no distinction so the good is not invested in and kept - how can you get rid of the bad and keep the good?  Instead of desperately trying to steal some more why not be like the lepers that went back into the city to tell the good news.  It doesn't occur to you that the one who provided you with all this could provide you with plenty more.  You're so sure you've got to steal while you can.  Why don't you turn around and try the other route?

                You are never constructively honest about the bad stuff, it's part of the process of repenting and leaving.  They all look after their own interests, not those of the giver because he'll never give me anymore.  It was wonderful or it was terrible.  Real faith, not stuffing your packets, even if you're stupid and don't know how to use this to please God - how can you convincingly confess to each other and go after each other for this great thing.  Jesus is Lord - nobody talks like that - his love for you and his lordship.  The real picture - you are actually real people and not  his "holy" front.  Nevertheless, God has given you opportunity again for success.  You are not taking seriously enough how your problem has you by the throat.

           ""How stands the empire" Your empire or Jesus? Jesus that is, Him as Lord and no more fronts. Through faith in his love for you. Faith  or feelings - you reduce yourself to being run by feelings.  You can't love one another without faith, it's not possible. He gave you this neat trick - a neat toy.  How can you convincingly confess and invest yourself until you are settled and continue to and not trust your stuffed pockets.  What % were you  really there!

                  Faith in His love for you or else you have to cover yourself with fig leaves.  Are you hiding or striving?  The fight of the faith -you don't bother hiding.  Faith in God's love for you as shown by giving up the hiding.  Not only do I have no need to hide myself but... or I will defend myself against the truth.  I can't stand the truth, don't want it near me, or I love the truth and let the chips fall where they may.  Do step one for real.  Instead, invest in loving the truth, taking a chance on the truth.  What in your goal?  Your own empire?  When you walk by faith, the good outstrips the bad.  You're trying to prove something to Stewart? Are you people trying to prove something?  Are you asking each other this in step 3? What are you going to prove to who?

                  You can't do step 3 when you're not doing step one.  The basis must be faith and not works - trying to prove something.  You're not coming across as people who have greatly done this yourself. You're not coming across as proof that it works but largely as what you are - grinding an axe.  I'm really glad I decided, and that is enough.  I decided to trust Jesus.  You've got to strive to prove something.  Why don't you people give up this hard life your basis is works. some way to save yourself by works.  Great trick is to do some works to prove to somebody that you have faith.  If you have faith then you don't have to produce anything, it comes automatically.  You're going to love one another without insisting on faith yourself?  You should all be claiming what you are and have been.  Making a claim is part of confessing.  Who do
 you claim to be?  He confessed and did not deny.  Confessing is constructive.  You will be trying to prove that Jesus really does save.  You're rules are - you never relax and rely on Jesus.  You  have to do it yourself.

                  What is your impossible task that the harsh task master gave you that you gladly go for?  You don't mind suffering for the devil.  I have no need to hide or to try to save myself.

                  There is a way that seems right to me but its way is the way to death.