What is the purpose of our meeting?  The brothers have the business in
which to unite.  Every brother has an immediate authority that he is
looking to.  They have a real unity.  The sisters don't have such a
framework of unity.  And each sister having an authority over her, as the
brothers do, won't work.  Sisters' meetings have to become some kind of
unity and framework.  The writing things, though meaningful, are not
enough.  They can't replace the strength of unity that the brothers have
through the business.

Our faith in Jesus has to grow.  If we were perfect Christians, there would
be no need for these meetings.  All your problems are because of the flesh.
Focus on that----"Not being ignorant of the devil's designs."----just what
he's got in mind.

One of the biggest  problems is the lack of unity and fellowship between
the sisters.  This right away leads into marriage things and the search for
security.  That is the area that he uses to break up your fellowship.  You
want fellowship and unity, yet you go after dark calculations.  You need
both immediate fulfillment and long range fulfillment, just as our whole
fellowship does.  We forget the long-range and do the desires of body and
mind.  Everyone of us is really involved and bothered by the marriage
thing.  That has a lot to do with why we are not really united and in
fellowship.  "I do the very thing I hate."  We want unity but our dark
hiding in the area of marriage is what breaks us down.  This subject is
brought up first because this is the source that the devil uses to mess
things up.  We shouldn't be ignorant of the devil's designs.  There are
three possible situations:  1) You are not married and you wish you were,
2) You are married and it's a mess, or  3) One who is happily married and
wants to get into marriage and if left to her own devices she winds up
ruining herself.  It's the same problem in all three cases.  You have to
somehow be brought to your senses.

The reason we are nervous and emotional so much is because we are living in
an "unnatural" way.  You are frustrated because you are caught between two
things, the flesh and the spirit.  The only way to get rid of this
frustration is to give up being a Christian.  But if you began (or returned
to) living the desires of body and mind, this frustration would go away.
If you were either extreme----utterly for Jesus or utterly for the
flesh---you wouldn't be frustrated.  (It's only the frustration we're
speaking of----it would go away if you were utterly for the flesh, but
you'd have the other far worse thing.  Really you're faced with two
choices---put up with this frustration or put up with something far worse.
You can't be utterly spirit overnight, so you either give up on the fight
or put up with the frustration.