nov                                 NOVEMBER SECOND MEETTNG-STWART

     FEAR: What is the biggest fear? Beneath the conscious level in each of us--pinpointing something specific. What is the  biggest problem? Biggest danger? Every single fear has to do with the future.  There is a fear on your part of getting cut off from Stewart. In a way it is through Stewart that we see hope.  There is a sense of space between us and Stewart.  At the start the devil attacked with "you're only following a man!!" God does work through people.  He does bring up teachers.  The FF has a real teacher--only one. There is a bunch of baby-sitters besides him in whom in a way we have confidence but not really.  The other leaders are instructors in a way-- in whom we do have more confidence.
In the last few months there has been very little contact and there is a fear--is Stewart losing contact?  The lack of tapes furthers that fear.  There was no literature together. Stewart will be making rose loops out from Allentown to the centers-- a couple of centers on each loop.  That and writing.  There are six true centers.  That number will be increasing of course.  Tending the sheep.  That these little foxes that grow up in your fellowship and your leader is not too sure what to do-- Stewart's going around and doing those things.  Stewart will be doing more writing.  There is one thing about this FF that
gives Stewart hope that we are going to do the right thing.  But our space is big.  There are alot of problems in the FF.  You talk about not being open with each other. Things  like brothers not understanding sisters, are festering and causing problems.  Physical babies love their mothers.  You could not love--you only took. Then you grow. You come to love your brothers and sisters. Before you could not--you used them. it is necessary for us to love our brothers and sisters.  We are willing to do the right thing but we don't know how to do the right thing.  Cause we were raised all wrong the first  time.  The things we should have come to understand by now had we been raised in that and pointed toward it from infancy--trained up in the way we should.  That whole social thing, around us and our own background was messed up.  But we are willing to do the right thing.
God has made Stewart wanting to teach.  He uses that.  The FF is becoming a particularly male group.  We are a specialized group as it is--young people--which is not the best thing but necessary now because of the circumstances surrounding us.  But we are getting more specialized.  For instance now 340 males and 240 females are in the FF.  It is certainly favored male.  It is somewhat a young male group. Girls have somewhat gotten a raw deal.
 Young white male group.  The problems of the girls and the race thing are flesh problems. The FF is getting rid of its problems by getting rid of undesirable people.  The typical FF person is a young white male, not particularly interested in the problems of the female nor the problems of the black person.  There is too much dog eat dog in the FF; that is, if you can't make it tough.  That charge could be made and with correct delivery, inroads could be made.  We should get into specific problems of the females and blacks.  Both groups share one thing, that is when all is said and done, they are more messed up  than this typical young whites male.  The female because of their inherent nature. . . Jesus loves all people.  The old people are not here because they do not want to be. Love is doing the best thing for the other person.  You are more capable of doing the best thing for those two groups than for the older people.  Blacks and girls.  You're not as qualified to deal with older people.  Enough problems dealing with spacey kids.  And what about wolves in sheep's clothing?  Finally, the FF will include more older people later.  Not in the near future.  Do more girls backslide? 75 black people saved in D.C. and only 4 stuck. You do not understand them. Same for girls. They come from a different situation than you do.  All people respond to genuine concern, just humanly, They see that we are the young white male.  Stewart: We do not understand young blacks. Are we into forming a nice comfortable club or are we into really fighting the problems in this world? Something is not right.  It  is not  that there  is a gross  prejudice.  But something is not right.   Girls and black people are not going to come to our "Come now let us reason together" approach.  They are too busy protecting their hurt and trying to survive! They have not had the same background.  Playing church--  don't you know how grossly segregated church is?  We are no better, are we??

           All young people need to see  hope through us. It is getting so that young white male intelligentsia see hope through us. Girls are not being understood. You don't pat them on the head and say everything is all right. Blacks are not understood--  you cannot play games with them.  It is just as wrong for blacks to get together as a group as it is for whites to get together as a group-.-that is patachial.  How to witness to black people--tell them the truth.  There is no way you can play games. You got to be honest.  Begin by showing them somehow you want to deal with them as an
 individual.  Openly demonstrated to them you want to deal with them on an individual basis.  Deal with them showing concession.  Not to change the gospel for them.  You know God looks at the heart rather than the doctrine.  Their problems in coming to understand the basis of the gospel are greater than the typical white young long haired youth.  Be especially loving toward them.  In spite of their own pride and their own hurt.  Understanding that is where they are coming from.  They really do not want to be cutting themselves off from all humans except blacks, but see no recourse.

We need to openly consciously demonstrate to them that their silver is as good as anybody's.  Blacks are no different as humans.    Concession--- recognizing your approach to them--their background is not there for you to deal with.  Your concern for them they simply do not receive.  Especially when there is no direct attempt on the part of the FF to reach them. Let us make a conscious effort to understand blacks and girls.  Almost by way of necessity we need to concentrate on young people.  Our biggest common denominator humanly-- their fears.  Their fears at the fundamental level are the same as ours.  They are into indulging their flesh in their trip and are into indulging our flesh in our trips.  It is because of Jesus we do care about them--give the glory to Jesus. Tell them the truth. The truth is not very flattering. The flesh is something through which the enemy works He can only work through the flesh.  The devil can not touch the new nature.
But that old one he can have his way with. . . that is suffering for Jesus.          What is the real crucifying the flesh?  It is that tendency to indulge the flesh in the first place. Colossians 2:20-23.  What is the real indulgence of the flesh and how do you crucify it and that you are not just playing games.  We should discipline ourselves more.  The only  way Jesus is going to use you is if you are is if you are a fit vessel. Because your will is to do your father's desires.  Our will is to do the things that the devil wants us to do.  That is why he is able to seduce you into doing them.  We have to be into doing
 Jesus' will. David said I have no peace apart from thee. Recognizing constantly consciously that the heart is deceitful above all things.  Crucifying the flesh results is setting your mind on Jesus.  The flesh tries to make some other basis.  It gets closer  and closer to the real thing but it is not the real thing. Don't you see yourself trying to make deals with suffering?

First of all since it is a game, it not going to work. Jesus does not honor games.  The flesh has the tendency to think that it is going to live in this world forever.  The flesh does not teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. The greatest work that Jesus did was Calvary. He was not concerned for himself.  This life right here is wasted.  Humanly we already are dead in sin and trespasses. There is a tendency after we are saved to try to go back into the flesh, they delight in things that do not profit.  A chain is as strong as its weakest link.  A human saying. There is physical truth to it.  When we consider Jesus our browns, our flesh, the devil.
The devil works through our browns cause they are the weakest link.  I see myself doing the very thing I do not want to do. The devil's whole purpose is to get us into the browns. Looking  to self.  Whose will  is better for  us-- Jesus or ours?   Living our will in our orange approach because he who has suffered has ceased from sin. The heart of sin is serving self and stiffening in doing it.

      Pride.  Putting self first whereas in fact God is greater than you.  If you do these things really you are going to be a lot happier.  It is only when the FF grows and the truth is honored more that you are really happy.  So is God happy when our lips speak what is true.  When you really do crucify the flesh then Jesus will work through us.  When you are with a clear conscience doing, that which you know, you are right with Jesus.  We fellowship with Jesus now by sharing in that work.  He uses us in his work of building the temple and now because we love him . . . Back at the beginning of the FF we got into Ezra. . witnessing a sort of fellowshipping with Jesus.  When we sacrifice ourselves to go and teach people about Jesus we are sharing his work and his rejection.  Isn't he the man of sorrows?  And rejected by men?  Don't we get rejected?  Fear of man is a snare.  It keeps you from being a teacher in that sense.  Keeps you from fellowshipping with him.  If you don't  witness then people don't get saved.  What is one of Jesus' fundamental characteristics? Mercy.  He chose to give bread to the hungry. You are not to withhold good from those to whom it is due. If you are willing to pay the price yourself and go to people and break the ice with your body. Are you afraid of going witnessing? When FF'rs greet each other when they have not seen each other for a while, what is really going on between them?  What you are really doing is asking, each other "How is the fight going?  Are you enduring?
There is an assumption that being an FFer he is not into games and into the truth.  We can fellowship in our work.  Whole bunch of different kinds of fellowship.  There is fellowship with God.  "Our fellowship is with Christ Jesus." An opportunity on our part to fellowship with God.  We can fellowship with each other.  In his work, in his will.  We can fellowship in him with each other.  The second highest form of fellowship.  We can fellowship with each other in the flesh.  We can fellowship with each other humanly in the sense we share the flesh and its problems.  We can try to fellowship with the world with respect to God, but they are not interested.  What fellowship has light with darkness? Fellowship in working- one of the deepest most respected relationships.  Fellowship in work rather than in a beer.  The only way you can get integrity with God is by working with him.  Our fellowship is with Jesus.  Work we are called to do.  It is not really our work--it is the work Jesus is doing through us.  The work we are called to do is to crucify the flesh.  If we do that, he will then do a work through us.  If you put to death the deeds of the body.  Jesus destroys the work of the devil for us.  He is able to make us stand.  Nevertheless, the wailing sluggard won't even lift his hand from the dish.  He won't even put the food God gives him to his mouth.  He is looking to the circumstances of the human life. It is only in fighting the good fight that you get the things you really want and you know it is true.  Christians are supposed to serve God rationally--not through feelings.  The work itself honors reason.  Jesus has made it easy for us to endure.  Consider him who has endured such hostility.  Only if you endure to the end will you be saved. He only asks us to choose him.  The red and pink continue
into the orange.  The spirit of truth through the word of truth causes us to react to and follow truth.  The enemy, the devil appealing to feelings and to the flesh causes us to do his will instead.  The good fight of the faith.  What is it?  To hope against hope by setting our hope in Jesus who is the truth.  When you first got saved, bouncing around witnessing, that was working for Jesus.  We have a purpose.  We have an interesting game to play.  Your reward is based on Your faithfulness, not on your accomplishments.  You do not earn salvation--you know there is something sick in saying you saved somebody. But even drawing a finer line than that--to him who overcomes, I will give the crown of life. Nowhere does the bible talk of earning salvation.  The O.T says that God tests you every moment.  Satan is allowed to test you as Job.  Bearing up under this test is all we do.

        Reason tells you-that you should put  faith in Jesus.  If people humanly were convinced  that they should get saved,  why do they laugh off the gospel? Haven't you ever seen a dry season?    People start to act out their roles. Fellowship with God is not there. People don't fellowship with each other.   Hardly even fellowship in the flesh. Things continue like that for a while and you get sick of it and begin to discipline yourself. Go out witnessing all night. . . Nobody gets saved. You come home and there are people  there who you did not even talk to and they get saved.  You did not do it at all.  But you were faithful.  Our work is more ways than one is waiting for Jesus and not going ahead and making a life of our own.  One way or another you are going to pit your hope in something.  Why won't it be a reasonable building your life?  Psalm 90:12.  How I love thy word. Ps. 119. Where a Man's heart is.... the savior of all men, especially those who trust in him.  Our work is waiting for him, hoping against hope.  Not listening to the deceitfulness of the flesh.  The work we are given the power to do.  There is  no excuse for backsliding.  Work.  The word "work" in the bible is a very heavy word.
 You were made to work, not to go coasting.You need a work to do.You need to see yourself as working. Work indicates overcoming something. In physics.   .. . overcoming, we need to recognize laziness as one of the mechanisms of the devil..  1. Whole classes of verses speaks of our work.  The work of your hands (hands are a figure of the means of manipulating, the means through which our work occurs.) The work of our hands. . . there are many good examples where the work of our hands is a right work. The work of our hands is a wrong thing.  It is both good and evil, depending on what it is. The work you, especially the brothers and sisters helping their husbands--the work of our hands is the things that you do is a gift from him and not a duty.  But the world has no work.  In physics when something is just coasting around on a circle that is not doing any work at all.  Changing nothing.  Work changes things.  To us is given a work.

        By our fruits are we known. God loves a cheerful giver.  The work your hands is a gift from him.  In fact, you were taken out of prison and given a work to do.  God increases the kingdom.  We need a purpose in life.  It is a gift from him we get when we got saved.  The work you do and the usages of your work--what you are really doing  inside.  Where you are really at.  What is really going on.  What patterns can be found. Work of our hands--Most of them are negative in nature. But not all by any means. When you are doing that work--seeking to crucify the flesh--then he works through you--
 when he gives you a right spirit, described in Psalm 51.  Is 2:8, 3:11, 2:1 Jer 25:7 Rev 9:20.  Psalms 90:17, Deut. 30:11, is 65:22, Pr- 31:13, Ps 17:4, Is 57t12 The real work is crucifying the flesh and witnessing is only the result of it.  It is important to get things in the right order.  Doing the right things for the right reasons.  The flesh tends to preserve itself.  If you love your life you lose it. . . What does that mean?  It means you are not to fellowship with everyone.  The
right hand of fellowship, world cannot fellowship really cause while they are joking about the problem we are working at it. Dangers.- Someone coming in to attack the FF. The greatest danger is the devil, your adversary ,the lion. The mechanisms he uses--they only seek to bring them down from his eminence. One danger is our youth and the space involved in it.  Lack of interest, lack of caring, People are not caring cause they are trying to please the flesh.

You know it is not true.  You know it is not going to work but you do it anyway. . . Getting a bad image.  Somebody giving the FF a bad name by doing something spacy. Getting mocked. . .   Lack of communications between fellowships. It really is time for a newspaper. The desires for a newspaper has to be there. . . Low retention rates.  Every FF'r sees. and senses and realized a great deal more truth than he can express. You can feel your way through situations but you cannot talk your way out of it. You sense a great deal more than you can express.  And that situation will continue. Stewart has the same problem.. This one that we are in fellowship with sees everything. Sensing more than we can express.  The frustration will continue all the way.  Another  problem--somebody got saved in Harrisburg and hanged himself.  Did he get saved?   Did he understand? One or two people took pills to kill themselves. We constantly need to be conscious of who needs loving care--attention.  The tarzan thing replaces showing concern for each other.  The thing of nobody needs help.  We don't need help. No quarter expected or given.  Fear that is one is only going to be seeking attention.

       The FF is becoming too successful therefore there is a lack of challenge and you don't work anymore.  If there is a lack of challenge on your part. . . . One big problem is not understanding our present situation. . . and thinking that you do and blasting ahead.  Will success spoil the Forever Family?  Apathy coming in that relates to no challenge.  Then there is the marriage thing.  Successfully dealing with that as a group, . . Now that we are a legal bond file corporation the scenes that go on at malls. That under certain spacy circumstances the FF can be sued at malls.

       We can be sued now.  FEAR! Civil suits.

       600 people in the new and active files!!!