March 3, 2010

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March 3, 2010 I just got through a week's worth of discussion with an ex-cobu member over the basics of salvation. I am alarmed to find even after 20 years of being out, there are still ex-members who are clinging strangely to the figure system Stewart claimed in the early 1970's and abandoned in 1989. The only way to get a stranger view of God and His salvation through Jesus is by calling up current members of cobu and trying to get a straight paragraph out of any one of them about their salvation. It is quite possible that current members don't believe they are saved anymore. I would not be surprised but I would be greived. The problem ex-members have when they seek to recover from cobu and be restored to fellowship with christians in the body of Christ is first deciding whether Stewart was a christian, is a christian, whether he was teaching the truth, whether he is teaching the truth. I contend that Stewart's standing with God is evident by lack of spiritual fruit and the abundance of destruction and damage due to his false teaching and abusive spirit. The ex-member must get away from everything Stewart and get away from anything he touched. Once you have detox, then get to a healthy church. Right Spirit, Sound Doctrine. It's not easy. Some ex-members don't recognize St or cobu as destructive to their christian life. Some want to relive the glory days of the FF. Some want to continue the figure system. Some of their conclusions I heard this week are so ridiculous, and believe me, heretical. 2 Peter 2 is a description of False Teachers. These brothers are on their way to this description. I hope no one listens to them. I would say to ex-members trying to clear things up. I would write down questions that come to mind and email me. I can send these questions on to my email list for answers. To current members, I encourage you to have a meeting with Stewart and check to see if he did finally find GRACE in 1989. Is he different now? Is he bearing the Fruits of the Spirit now or is he still the same Stewart Traill with more dramatic destructive teaching? Is Stewart being faithful to Gayle? Is he behaving honorably toward the sisters in the fellowship? Current members are accountable to God for what sin they allow in their fellowship.