This is part of an e-mail I just wrote to someone. I thought I'd
share it with everyone:
    Ever since the first major usurpation of power at the MTC, little
has changed. That script remains the same over the years. The
characters have changed but the plot is the same. In defense of all
these "categories" I remember Stew saying they were needed "that
there be divisions among you." One single verse - the only place in
the Bible where division is even remotely seen as a positive thing -
justified years of "divide and conquer" tactics. I don't remember any
divisions like that before the MTC days. I think that is where that
particular evil began -  when we voted on each other, not from our
hearts, but from our image. Dull, boring personalities never made it
to Orange, no matter how much love was in their hearts. Flamboyant
brothers and sisters fared better, since most of us were incapable
of judging between zeal and anxiety in them.  And towering above them
all, in his own personal silver category or was it gold? was , of
course, Stewart. I think it is worth noting, that as some of the
original  Allentown crew began leaving in droves, when brother
Stewart began to be called Pastor Stewart. The Manhattan Draining
center. That was Stewart's greatest political acheivement. In a matter
of a year or two, the centers were either closed or weakened, his
enemies, the older brothers, were gathered together under 1 roof,
and  under the guise of Christian Training,  were
summoned to their spiritual executions . Very Stalin-like in its
efficiency, and ruthlessness.
      There is a very clear "before and after" concerning the MTC.
Before, brothers and sisters could interpret the Bible, after, they
could take copious notes of Stew's interpretation. Before, the prime
mover in the fellowship was the unity of the brothers, after, it
became Stewart uniting the brothers. Before, we had relationships if
not marriages, after there were none. Before we were thousands, after
we were hundreds. Before, we were in awe, after we were in
shame.Before we were young and innocent, after we became old and
guilty. Before we sang for hours, after we sat in silence.
The stories and testimonies of those who more recently left
bear the same scars  as the thousands that went before them. To this
day, when any group becomes redundant to the consolidation of his
authority, they are first disgraced, and then replaced.

You know - Stewart never kicked out a single person that I know of.
We, like the unwitting victims of a good inquisitor, were tortured
over and over to confess to a crime, and upon confessing we were
told,"your own words have condemned you." No one thought to question
whether the torture had anything to do with it. Stewart never told us
we must leave, he simply made it unbearable to stay. Although I do
remember a time when it was fashionable for the younger ones
to "invite" the older ones to leave. Many accepted that kind offer.
Thank God.