Marriage Bible Study

                  The sexual things spoken of  in the bible are figures of something deeper. That is, marriage isn't an end in itself. God uses things to teach us. He teaches us through raising children. For instance, You can learn a great deal about people by    raising children.

             (At the. end of  Mark, Jesus tells us that  ,we can lay hands on the sick and tread on scorpions.  That means we can handle this subject tread on snakes like this-we can openly deal with-heavy subjects like marriage and divorce and it won't hurt us.)

                  Marriage  isn't defined anywhere in the bible. Every marriage has problems. Paul says, that everyone who marries    will have problems in the flesh. When we consider marriage, we should remember that every marriage is bad,
every marriage has problems.  It is probably the lesser of the two evils in almost every case.  It would be better not to marry, nevertheless, it is better to marry than to burn in hell. In the bible it never gets into the romantic side of marriage except
 in one place.  Proverbs 5:19- "Be infatuated: always with her love." When people try to squirm out of their troubles rather than face them in truth, they create more troubles, and get into all kinds of weirdness, You have to work at marriage to make it  success. A fundamental truth is that any two christians ought to be able to-marry and make it a success.

Through marriage you learn about being faithful to Jesus.  There is no way you can be faithless to your spouse and faithful to Jesus.  Humanly speaking , marriage is sacred. In his attempts to deal with life on his-own, man has devised many
marriage-sex schemes and each with unhappy and frustrating results. in God's mercy he has shown us our real problems :and needs. He provides answers to these problems.  That is part of  what. this verse means.  "Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. He gives us answers, but, first he makes it clear to us what the problem is.

The initial attractions between people (humanly speaking) fade away, partially, the dating thing-that isn't very real. As you get into life circumstances and people change.  The thoughts and attitudes you have now, won't be with you in later years.  They'll, deepen into more meaningful things, supposedly. Marriage can not make you happy, only-Jesus can make you happy. When people look for happiness they don't find-it. When people are into serving Jesus he makes them happy.  It's when you  look-away from serving Jesus and look for happiness that you get into trouble.

 It's wrong to have sex if you are not married-first, because Jesus said that you couldn't.  Also It's a figure of wrong relations. In the early Church you were excommunicated if you committed adultery; you were disfellowshipped.  Fornication was almost as heavy. Jesus Gets glory through us disciplining ourselves; for instance, by not getting into fornication or adultery.- We'll find the inward struggles are greater than the outside struggles. The woman worries over real  issues and. the male doesn't. -he's into looking  good.    The female doesn't care as much about looking good (talking about Performance not physically looking good.)     Females are afraid of being  lonely, Males in the fellowship are worrying about their image and trying  to be like.  Stewart. Males resent females having  authority.. Males are supposed to be the authority figure and they should have their
desire. -Boys don't want to take direction from girls but if a Girl sees something she should present  it keeping the male ego in mind and the Male should accept it.

Females hold Grudges more than males'.- It is easier for males to forget things but females remember them and harbor them.

The female leans on the male and   he .sees her as dragging him down but he is supposed to and is able to support. both instead of whining.  The male has to be responsible to do both. Woman are to trust their husbands. There aren't many scriptures for woman so  she should  trust  her husbands  direction. Adam allowed Eve to lead him around Thats a problem today when the male  doesn't stand up to the female:- It's very abnormal and bad if the male-just  wants a mother and doesn't want  to be responsible. When girls and  boys are in a situation, in a sense  the girls are controlling the situation and the boys hang back more. Males are less sensitive  than females.  Sensitivity is  awareness of what's going on, ( Delicacy is  worrying about things and being effected by things easily. Boys are more delicate about their ego. Girls need more attention than boys. Girls are more  sensitive and feel more than boys.

Riffing is a mock war. You are, playing war. Riffing is playing at cutting people and putting people down.  Playing at playing church. -Each person plays to be noticed best by the other  person and plans at putting' people down.  Only young people can riffy really, Older people are too brittle.  You should come out where you are at.-And not riff

Boys should be more considerate towards girls.  Girls accept that consideration and most of the time she won't come back at you.  There is a basis for a healthy relationship there! Males and females of 18 or so think that they're both alike, but they
are not.  We should take our differences into account and look for each others good. Ideally, the male is 100% sensitive without giving up his masculinity, usually, when a guy is sensitive he has to give up some of his masculinity.

When a female becomes emotional, it is 'because she is delicate.

In Genesis 3:16- "He shall rule over You,---nevertheless, your desire shall be for him." The husband will rule over the wife and she won't like it but she will still want it. This  was done for punishment. (Genesis).