SATURDAY, MAY  24, 1986

             Are any of you people   real Christians?   This question causes panic among the sheep   -- it wouldn't the children. No one went to the basic issue --   the word "believe". Continue in my word...continue believing.  Instead you went for "how bad I am".  It is easy to answer tangible questions such as "What is a real auto mechanic?"

             Why do I believe in Jesus? (Different ones gave their reason) But what would Jesus say about all these answers?  Jesus would say you did indeed answer the question! But Joan Thompson would say -- but what would Stewart say about all these answers?  Jesus said "My Father is working still and I am working" How does that apply?  What do you have to be to make Jesus known effectively? You sweaty palms would never say you have to be relaxed.  You got around looking like you are ready to spring.  That's why Joan gets you -- you're on edge all the time.  You're victim that way. When Jesus answered questions -- he was doing 3,000 things at once.  Sweaty palms can barely get the spiel off.  In order to
make Jesus known effectively, you should have been thinking "I should answer the question in a way that's helpful for the
hearers" (the verse..benefit the hearers ... ) How can I do it with sweaty palms?  Can't push the relaxed button.  Let's
consider Joselyn sizing up to Brooke Shields ... let's consider older brothers sizing up to Brooke Shields with sweaty palms!

             Were any of you able to be helpful or were you barely able to get past the sweat?  So how do you think you would've answered 'why do you believe in Jesus' if you were considering the 18 year old hearers?  What principles should guide you to be working to help others?  You should stress how easy it is to get saved! We don't stress that -- we make it look undesirable! All those answers we gave are useless because we were making Jesus known by witnessing only.  The 18 year olds say "that's fine for you but what about me?" There is nothing in that approach for them! We have to be
 aware how it affects them... Get around it by some principles --we're quenching the dimly burning wick (their 1st interest!) when they say "how did you get into this anyway?" or "what makes you believe in Jesus?"

             Design an answer to be helpful.  How?  We should be speaking of context of 'we have believed and have come to know.' Give them some grounds -- some reason.  When they ask, say "I'll tell you, but it doesn't apply very much to you because before I got saved I was especially dumb." 16 year olds feel very dumb around you.  (Does Bill Cosby talk about how dumb he is as part of his routine?)   Then go on to explain why you were so dumb (like 'I never heard God created everything' or 'I never realized God made me' -- they will know this stuff already, and not feel so dumb! They figure you know everything and it's hard for them to talk to you. Tell  them 'I hate to admit it but I was dumber than you!'


              How is it  possible for you to relax  and make Jesus known?     Paul  Blottner, why is Denny out there "witnessing"?  Paul said "He is giving the party line." "Doing his duty".  What is these brothers' "duty"?  The brothers duty is to grunt real hard, fail miserably, get executed, go to sleep and try again the next day dragging yourself out., At the storefront there will be a small core at first.  Everyone else has to say 'is it gonna work' yet all the while they know it is really right and it will work. Brothers accept miserable failure -- why can't they accept success?  They believe in Jesus and they are willing to take punishment!  What makes older brothers tick and why can't they relax?  What is the Big Issue -- worried about how they look.

              These brothers get into making Jesus known for themselves.  How can these brothers relax -- 'how can these brothers get out of the way and let Jesus work through them.  Even Peter with all his good intentions was always getting in the way.  How can brothers relax and have success?  Here brothers believe in Jesus, want to make Him known, yet can't get to first basel At the storefront -- have to relax -- no being tensed up allowed.  Being tensed up is all these brothers know -- they didn't know there was      another universe!?  Brothers and sisters need to settle in their minds to look ahead to  the reward and not to a life here.

              Do you think  these brothers have  to stop  trying to  look good? That's a clue, but  that's not it. Whatever the    brothers do, they do their thing with the "thing" chasing them close behind -- not the devil -- what is the "thing".  It is their conscience, their calling chasing them.  Harry do you have a calling?  What is your calling?  What are you doing about it?  Are you really serving your calling -- effectively, 'honestly, the best way possible working at it?  The brothers have to do something positive -- not "stopping looking good." Do something right instead of stopping wrong is the Gospel way.  Everyone has to settle in their minds whether to serve that calling or look after their own interests.  By conscience, common sense.  Brothers act like they are faithful to the "thing" or to their calling?  Therefore they are so worried about so many things! Brothers say "I don't care how I look like because I care about my calling and doing it effectively -- fulfilling it".  How else can you be single-minded, fully there?  "I'll be a good puppet and follow instructions".  Where is that gonna go?  The only thing brothers really respect is succeeding at something worthwhile.

              The storefront is aided by a huge place like Brooklyn   ere you can be at 1st base immediately with everyone -- all know us!        Is the 'we people' a fraud?  Are we gonna try lonely numbers?  Have we suffered enough?  It begins with individually responsible to conscience and to your calling.  As clear as the nose on your face -- where has He put you and where does He want you? (Not in Saudi Arabia?) We got to be fully there -- not a club instead of a cult.  Did we mention 'gnawing the desolate ground' on Tuesday?

              I know  a full fledged  adult 15 years  ago    it took  3 years for Stewart to find out how to lead someone to Jesus by     trial and error.  We have it made! This place is full of full-fledged adults! Now that I know better that Jesus may not come tonight-- I can take advantage.  Do you think you have a calling?  Then you need to root out every cause of sin and entanglements.      "The  gifts and the call of God are irrevocable".  Your calling continues (therefore you have chance to take advantage).  Looks like some will effectively work together to raise lambs for real. Therefore there is bound to be a separation.  When you know (adults) God goes by faithfulness or unfaithfulness.  Who is willing to work together -- not lonely heroes.  "Gather to me my faithful ones" -- "Be merciful" - "the Good Samaritan" When the novelty wears off there will be a core to work together.

              How much longer do you figure you got?  What do you plan to do with it?  We'll have brother and sisters meetings tomorrow to find what genuine unity there is -- that's the purpose.  Each one must settle in their mind whether to work at His will and purpose and calling for you or to rebel -- be 'hot or cold -- it's better than saying 'I didn't do it'.