Stewart thinks it is very important to 'have some method, some "star chart" or something at the storefront.  To keep track of training of any kind (even sport figures!) to see clearly who is striving or who isn't.  So there is no deceit among ourselves. We can be pleasing Jesus on one hand and our chart on the other hand.  Can you relate them?  Although there is no direct connection between pleasing Jesus and a chart there is in our case.  Stewart thinks pleasing Jesus would be wholeheartedly working at the special calling He has laid on us.  The vast majority of us have a special calling -- so pleasing Jesus for us is something very special and clear.  The real issue in pleasing Jesus is submitting to His will -- either I am doing it or not. I am raising lambs or am in rebellion.  Since that is the case I have had a funny record of not wanting it to be seen whether I am striving or not.  Consider verses "striving with all the strength He mightily inspires within me"... Harry wants it vague to have room for himself.  I think His will for you is raising His lambs as you are uniquely equipped to do.  In my position I have to go in some direction.  You would prefer not to make divisions.  So what's the value of it being clearly seen what each is doing?

              For the ones who will be striving - it keeps freeloaders off their backs.  Keeps freeloaders admitting what they are (I would that you be hot or cold).  My game is to be cold or lukewarm and be treated and see as hot.  'In order that those who are genuine may not be classed with false brethren'.  If your calling and what you've been doing had lent itself otherwise you wouldn't need a chart.  'Know well the condition of your flocks' --knowing who is doing what with them! I think there are those who are genuine.  The only reward possible -- "I have reason to be proud of my work in Christ Jesus.'

               Do you  really work at a living or steal for a living? We could get into groups for maximum value -- one of  goals of storefront  is to go to areas opposite your racial color and have success.  Divisions (There should be no reference to   'I'm not as good as so and so"    no maneuvering handles -- each one states themselves.

1st String    "I am so determined to work   at this program so I should be 1st string because I am sure I can  provide motivation to those less motivated". "I am going."

2nd String    "T am very interested in this  program and therefore I promise to work at it.

3rd String -- "There is no need for me to be a basket case and I admit that I really need to work at my calling and therefore I  promise to being working at it." Third stringers are pulling back  from the abyss saying "Why should I get into that pit?"

4th String -- Basket Case     "used parts specialist" In the pit. 5th string -- "Don't bother me!" (No   interest at all)

               List of Factors for Groups

               Where you used to go; Where most would recognize you; Best areas; Ease in getting together (where live and work); What category (1st/2nd,etc); Drivers; Who would you be interested in working with; How often can you go; Making most of black/white/purple thing.

               Each group should get a grade on basis of behavior -- were they behaving 14?  Serious?  Fully into the work?  Maybe they just don't care. (1st group stood up -- weren't fully there).  You bear it well enough when someone slaps you in the face -- we have nothing to protect so we can afford it. I'm too weak for this.  Everyone is willing to put up with it     let the lambs get poisoned.  Everyone is taking part in a broken down spirit.  "Yes and if a fox runs up on it the wall will fall down." Foxy cool Denny broke down the wall.  1st we tried to run away -- then we got in deeper.  Now try all these things to get out and don't work.  Who are those into coming out of this spirit and going to the work?  This broken down spirit is like a drug -- I will seek another drink -- I won't get to work.  Sick groups aren't allowed.  Everyone has to be confident and fully there -- arise with mind to work or stay drunk.  All got to come out of hiding and agree to proceed.

                      I don't know how  you are going  to make Jesus know with  any kind of holding out anyway. Aren't   we able to unite in the  truth.? You don't mind phony agreements.   Bunch of speeches is  enough. That's what you're gonna get.  Must be able to say "I hope all you hypocrites don't come with me.  You're acting like a hypocrite." Separate the real   from the imitation. That's necessary -- then all the rest  can suffer more. Maybe you'll find something in that sick spirit.  You're not mad.- If I was in a tight situation I would trust you'd be fully there" "I want to be with Jesus" -- as long as it requires no commitment.  Sick kind of agreement I allow leads to this -- no one can trust no one. This is what's gonna catch up to you.  I was having fun too instead of working.  This shows what your life really is, how your relationship with each other is.  We hide in each other, but each other's fronts.  Willing to surrender and break commitments and break calling.  Then start panic and try to tell each other the truth -- and end up shooting each other. over one false move. The Golden Rule -- we do treat each other as we want to be  treated -- as non-persons -- that 'has messed us up.  Do you take lightly being a hypocrite and holding back.  How am I going to do anything real if I'm not into protecting it?  Why hasn't anything
else lasted in the past?  Either I change this or go back to  fantasy.