Children figure of now creation. Paul said that those who marry will have trouble in the flesh.  There are real problems in the flesh every marriage is bad.  Probably the least of two evils.  Valentine approach to marriage in not in the Bible, marriage
 is cabbalish.  God said that it is not good for a man to be alone.  Through marriage you learn a lot about Jesus.  There is no way that you can be unfaithful to your husband and faithful to Jesus.  Without marriage there would be no society, major social value of religion is sexual control.  Marriage is sacred humanly speaking.  In his attempt to run life on his own man has devised many sex schemes. In his mercy God reaches down to man,  he has shown us many problems that we have.  John 8:32 God shows us. He gives us understanding about its inital attraction between people.  As you get into life circumstances change.  You cannot project yourself ahead.  Marrying and giving in marrage, they will be putting it first. Make sure that you have understanding before you marry.  Your builders will outstrip your destroyers.  Pro, 31.  In the eyes of older people, young people are really into sex.  They don't really know.  Double standard, the woman is come down on more than the male.  The woman is repremented as the weaker sex. (weaker does not mean inferior) Female brown, worrying about getting older.
 Woman looks at marriage for security, wanting to look good male ego.  The female is into worrying over real issues.  Guys resent girls having Authority. The man is the one providing for and taking care of the female.  Female tends to hold grudges far more than the male.  Gen. 3:16.  Your husband shall rule over you even though you won't like it. Your marriage is a figure of your relationship with Jesus.  Physical adultery is a figure of spiritual adultery all through out the Bible.Marriage verses Prov. 5:15 to 19 excluding 17.  Sexual faithfulness in marriage is required Prov- 31 Cont. in fear of the Lord all the day. .1 Tim. 5:20. you should fear yourself falling.  Marriage is a public commitment to be honored by all.