love                                                                                      WHAT IS LOVE

       In translation, the Greek words for love are Agape, Arosa.  In translation they got slopped together and love is Jesus dying on a cross and sending a valentines card.  Both meaning the same.  Sees the devil got away with a good one there, also, the word "Believe"  he's messed it up just enough to cause a little confusion over what it means to believe. What is crucifying your flesh?  In Phillipians they actually get thin nails and hang themselves on a cross and the one who stays the longest wins a statue of the virgin Mary. Or it's not eating meat an Fridays.

Back to what is love?  How can anyone really convince people that Jesus is real if they themselves have doubts.  See, its not us convincing people its the Holy Spirit. Our job is just to tell them not convince them.  Just be honest, say that you don't  really believe but you were convinced by honest evidence.  What is crucifying the flesh? It's in John 6. In Col. 2:20 to 23 it talks of what doesn't crucify the flesh, then why did Paul said that he pummeled the body I Car. 9:27.  Answer is John 6:39.  Jesus
 said he always crucified his flesh by living his life as a perfect teacher and example think of it.  His big work was Calvary.' But up to then he had been teaching and doing God's will of his own thing.  He'd given his life up to then already.  If  Roman 12 doesn't mean to blow your head off.  But giving up your will for his Will, It's your will that he goes by, see your will is at the root of whether you love Jesus or not.  Jesus doesn't go by your arguments, your doctrines etc. He goes by where your heart is, in
other words what is your will.  Remember one of the first things Jesus said was "What do you seek?" He has anything you want.

        So crucifying your flesh is giving up your will and wanting Jesus to have his will with you in other words giving up your will letting Jesus do his will through you. Jesus gave his flesh physically on a cross but he had already had given it while he
was living as an example to us.  On Calvary he was not giving us any example.  We are not suppose to get a wooden cross.  That's not examples, he gave his flesh in two different ways.  Now in John 6 he gave the bread of life but then he talked of deeper food.
        What's loving. Its giving your will as Jesus did and doing God's will Jesus said my food is to as the will of his who sent me in Jn. 4:24.  Now loving which is suppose to be our food is doing God's will.  Loving is not living for yourself but living for God.
Any real definition of love has to do with God.  Greater love has know man than to lay down his life for a friend.  Jer. 15:13- And thats, just what Jesus did on Calvary but, he doesn't mean for us to do that.  We are to be a living sacifice and living for others. Rom.  1:12.  So what does Jesus want?  'What does make him happy?  Watchman Nee says, "Anointing Jesus feet and bombarding heaven /prayer. Is that really it?  Not practically, if you love Jesus you'll want to please Jesus.  If you, love me you'll keep " my commandments Jer. 19'15.  That is not cause and effect that is not saying that if you keep my commandments that proves  that you love in itself. It is if you love me one by product will be, that you'll keep my commandments.  It's true that someone who loves Jesus will keep his commandments.  But thats not all there is to it.  What does Jesus want us to do?  If you love him his concern will be your concern. Jesus cares most about restoring fellowship between people and God.  That they'll come to know him personally.  Paul said. "If by any means someone may be saved" anything at all, its that urgent.  So crucifying the flesh is putting other peoples salvation before your own desires.  See, Jesus gave his all for peoples salvation and thats what we should do. We all have doubts sometimes, therefore you cannot truthfully say you believe.  It's best to admit the doubt and deal with it.