This is a short recording of a 1974 leaders meeting. What I would like you not to miss is the very beginning of the tape where Stewart is talking about getting more girls. Now, to be clear, at first the ST called our christian sisters "girls." What I find worth noting is that he is talking about growing the church...growing the group...and his pressing to get more sisters into the group....why? What you hear here and what you will hear in some of the recordings is not a pastor who is zealous for the salvation of young people but a leader interested in growing his membership. When you hear the witnessing recordings....there may be some lip service about pleasing Jesus but as in the 1973 Big Meeting recording and in the Big Meeting recording of's about membership...growing....getting bigger. And the bigger the membership, the more Stewart gets what he wants.

1974 Leaders Meeting part 1 1974 Leaders Meeting part 2