This is a letter from Jim Greiner. postmark April 5 1999. He did sign the original letter. For security reasons I have omitted his signature from this transcription.

To All C.O.B.U. Members,

I am very sorry for all the anger and hurt I have caused you. I am very sorry for the abuse and hateful things I said. I had no right at all to treat any of you the way I did. There is no excuse for the way I treated any of you. I am sorry for all the negative effects I have had in your lives. I also know that no words can take away all the pain I have caused you. Please forgive me for my sin against you. I had no right, Owen Camp, and all the Owen Camps out there. Know that Jesus is vindicating all of you. I am paying a big price for the way I treated all of you. My wife is paying a price for marrying me. I just pray to God, my son does not have to pay for my sinful life. Please pray for him. His name is Wesley.

I am very ashamed of the way I talked to all of you and acted toward you. I live with this everyday of my life. Jesus does not let me forget all the hurt I put on you all. I destroyed my life also by doing what I did. It will never go away. This does not help any of you that I have caused such anger and pain inside you. I hope that Jesus heals each one of you. I hope He takes your anger and pain away. The truth is I never meant to hurt anyone. I did not mean it.

                                                                                                                        Jim Greiner