gracemeeting The
March 9th 1989

        Stewart is in the black print

       the (    ) are the voices of the brothers and sisters collectively

By Grace you are saved never by faith grace
Youíve heard it how (often a bunch of times_ You were in fact, as Gayle pointed out, kept in
restraint. You were kept under tutors until this day. There is also, in no way to excuse my
...error...There is also an amazing working of God in all this too, not to excuse at all...not to
excuse me at all.....Thatís  one will have to get into...there is this in Job ď Behold you have
instructed many and now it has come to you.Ē ďNevertheless if the Son makes you free,
you will be free indeed...(thank you Jesus) A child as long as he is a child is no better than
a slave...he is under tutors until the day the father better be glad you
were..and there is this better be glad you were...the alternative is
worse..appauling as this is... If I hadnít grabbed you ...what then?( saved from my own
backsliding...I might be dead...I might be physically dead) Yet as I said all along..but my
spirit didnít mean it ..itís not me doing it ..itís God doing it...and it was!

Youíve all been  reading Romans a lot lately(yes)...youíve all been reading Romans a
lot(yes)..and could not notice this? Look , it is clear that God has decided that it is time for
you to transfer your allegiance, if thatís the word, from my spirit to His Spirit(yes..thank
you Jesus).   there are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings..running wild in our fellowship,
many of them directly or indirectly can be traced back to my error. Everything has to be
re-examined. And this is a good time to do it....What has happened is this..this is another
set of..some sort of ah   ah...some sort of tying my error to your problem....and
do you think Iím doing Gayle?.....

Gayle:  Iím not really sureĒ..
.Stewart: in speaking anyways....
Gayle: no answer.....
Stewart: I have been unable to speak almost right Gayle?
Gayle: yeah
It is again only His grace that I am even  physically able to speak right now.. that is
coherent...I have been a help in many ways..but have torn down in others...we have come
to depend on faith instead of faith....the stress is subtle yes...  ďitís up to you
and your faithĒ that the idea that you have?(yes)...Some how I cheerily bounded off
with that idea...and the brothers couldnít keep up with in His love but itís up to
you...somehow...these are absurdities...Why did God allow this?  You think it must be
because of wrong in me...Ē(yeah,muttering) this illness is not unto is for the glory of GodĒ... yer
saying that kind of thing?  Unless...then thereís me can this be?
Furthermore....Furthermore.. let us let us erase this whole meeting now...this has never
happened....even so I would not again..forget the wrong... but I was not
rightly strengthening the brothers... you donít think so? see you say ďoh youíve been so
much help.Ē go ahead say it...(yeah yes)  yet remains itís not true...I havenít
been...what then?...Jesus told the parable...there was a rich man...with a trunk put all kinds
of money in...and the woman put one penny whatís the point?(guessing) I could
cheerily keep going this way I could..I could cheerily keep going..but in affect I was just
saying to the brothers..what it comes down to whether I thought I was doing what it
comes down to is saying ..Ēwell..itís up to gotta be faithfulĒand so forth.  So
where is strengthening the brothers the real way?          Strengthening the brothers in faith
that you are his chosen..first and foremost...and I am not my shame.  building up on
the one hand and tearing down with the other..bull in a china shop..I hear my friend back really has been...and
I want you to know something else...are you listening?(yes) you must understand to believe again...this is nothing...there is a real way in which I have been
as or more a victim than you think of didnít waste 25 years...and had he
not rescued me as he rescued you a short while ago... I wonder what would have become
of was that bad. Getting that bad...this has been a stumbling block for all of us
including me...poison talk... ď God gives you what you need to get started and then itís up
to youĒ my easily everyone is returning easily!(yes). Why is it so
easy? They are returning so easy. Because Heís doing it(yes..yeah).And all this error...he
is overlooking as it were and bringing us back... but enough is enough. Putting to death ďI
can do this part over here myself.Ē I can see that working in me. Thats what the
brothers...and I would forever teach about Samson...and I am the most...and Iím not a
hypocrite...Iím not a understand this? (yeah) you donít get that.(yes) How
many of you donít? He doesnít. How many donít understand that? Gayle how bout you
defend me...
Gayle : because um in teaching about Samsom the way that Stewart
Stewart: while I just....I did it in ignorance
Gayle: Yeah the way he was doing it himself...
Stewart: a hypocrite knows he was
Brothers and sisters: rightyes yeah
Gayle: Nobody was telling him ďLook, yer doing it this way..and there was nobody telling
 Sister 1:  Nobody tried telling Stewart before? I just find it hard to believe
Stewart: Letís hear it.
Sister 1:(I donít want to be judgmental)..
yeah Letís hear it
Sister 1: I find it hard to believe ..So many brothers talked about it...I was always under
the impression that they wrote you letters and tried to tell you, I mean thatís what I always
heard..........and I donít even know the whole truth, but David Wilkerson told brothers and sisters that
he tried to talk to you and that you wouldnít listen to him, I donít want to be judgmental,
I know I have a lot of faults too..I just think you had to have some pushed
everybody away and made it so hard for everyone to talk to you
Stewart: And youíre glad I did arenít you?
Sister 1: yeah but I..
Stewart: Listen..,Letís start said ďA lot of brothers and sisters think about
this..No they donít. They never never never thought that this was bad. No they never
thought they thought there was something wrong of course! Of Course! thereís someth..
 they didnít think anything of this. And neither did I. Now you say didnít anyone try to
talk to me. Well friends like him. ďHow you have helped me,Ē and David Wilkerson...well  I
donít remember..this was 25 years ago?(yeah) And if my old wine is this bad what must
the new wine have been? I donít know what I was doing with him...I don't remember anyway .I donít know what I
was trying to maybe as bad as him..I donít know. there is this also. Me and other
Christians. You know that scripture ď Woe to him who is alone when he falls.Ē(yes) Well I
know that scripture, you donít. I know that now. You donít know what that means. Why
am I alone? Why is it that there is no fellowship between me and other Christians? First of all,
I gave up long ago. That was my sincere claim. But why , what was the trouble in the first
place? Perhaps it was..while insisting...perhaps they were trying to land me with I doubt I doubt it. But! it may have been, that may have been the case.
 Perhaps someone did somewhere, had to have been way back. Perhaps someone did try.
Perhaps someone noticed. I have no way of dealing with it. No memory no...I repeat what
I said , I think if you showed this, they would murmur nice things instead of throw up.
What do you think?(yes yeah) Well try it! Try whoever want to..
 Brother 1: I did show somebody and they thought it was wonderful..
Stewart: I am afraid thatís what would happen...I am afraid thatís what would happen

But you know , but you know it isnít right to do really. Because then it is to their shame.
Yer just sticking pins in em. And even if you then try to argue and correct them as I might
have done 20, 25 years ago tried to do...for an argument , to learn, some such
thing....Letís hear some more what you find hard to believe..cuz I do too.

Sister 2: I find it hard to I often...and we all so often say ďBy the Grace of
God....and hearing you speak to us...I now see how those words were empty

Stewart: thatís right

Sister 2: I wasnít conscience of what I was really saying, just what I was taught

Stewart: And who is the emptiest of was devoid , I was unconscience of
grace. I really wonder if some of you were more aware of grace than I. I really think so
because   itís zero with me.

Sister 3 : I remember too

Stewart: There might as well  not  been the word in the bible. You never heard me say 2
words. Did you ever discuss grace, anyone of you?(yes)
Wait a minute, wait a minute, sheís first anyway, wait a minute, listen , did any of you ,
just raise your hand, did any of you discuss grace a year ago and more with anybody? Well
then yer way ahead of me!... way ahead right there. Because , to you , the word existed
and thatís way ahead of me.

Sister 3:I remember about 10 years the sisters and brothers in New York found
some Brother Monbleau ..Wayne Monbleau..and his whole teaching was based on
grace..the grace of God..and they would all talk about the grace of God and everybody
there, everybody in New York would like mock them and put them down and ..I really donít
know.... that's what I remember

Bobby Whiple: I just heard him on the radio

Stewart: ehuh?

Bobby: I just heard him on the radio on the  way here , I don't know , some of the things he says...

Stewart: And?

Bobby:: He does speak of the grace of God

Stewart: you know something else even more appalling? All these subjects, many of the
subjects dealing with Godís grace are in fact fairly accurately dealt with here, everything
around grace, but grace doesnít exist..thatís thatís more amazing Godís love is in here all
over and Relying on see God was eh ..heh..I guess ah..I guess they are all
running out now..itís getting too boring...(nooooo) apparently(no) Listen..God was
revealing to me over some time when I said ya know back  Jan 1 when I said ďHe was restoring
me too, I didnít know the tenth of it, I didnít know the tenth of it. Nevertheless um Gayle
has been reading the bible studies recently, all the bible studies and see how its working
towards grace and the subjects around it.... hard to even say...I donít know what the
sessions are...I knew I didnít know what they were...God was bringing us to the real basis.
I was selling righteousness comes from faith...therefore...itís through faith, not from or by.

Victor Trapani: I have a question, When I was younger in Jesus I would meet a lot of
other Christians and I would hear them talk about this exact thing about the grace of God,
and even though they would tell me about it I would say I understood it, it never really
clicked until 2 months ago, so I think it was Jesus Himself revealing it to me personally at
the time when He chose to

Stewart: All right whenever you say that that you also have to come back to the other
side, itís also my spirit pushing it out of you and saying ďdonít listen to
thatĒ(yeah..yes)How much of that was it too?(yeah yes) You know there are ways
..different ways to look at it.

Brother 2: I remember I used to read alot of Charles Spurgeon and heíd talk about grace,
and I would just think ď well itís 100 years later Jesus has showed us more now

Stewart: uuugh!

Brother 3:I think he must be in error...ya know thatís what I would thatís what I would
think ...somehow ..I would really wonder about what you would say about what he said

Stewart: How much is it  I could clamor and I could gallop and skip along in my merry
way and the brothers couldnít keep up with me(a lot a wholel ot) It was my merry
way..that is in what I was doing wrong...donít forget also..Jesus used me a lot (yes...sure)
in spite but it was in spite ....and if that isnít His grace..according to the bible  what is? His
kindness ya know.. His grace was extended to us while we were enemies...Now, we must
really get into grace(yeah yes) I mean really....try this saying...There is something to
this...Now Grace, Faith and spirit, small S, these three abide, but the greatest of these is
grace....small S....small S eh..weĒll have to get into that. Wine is treacherous....Now
hereís what happens...Letís take those three...Grace, Faith, and spirit...thereís a lot of, are
you paying attention, (yes) Thereís all of churches overboard on spirit matters. You now
know of a church overboard on faith...there are in fact apparently, recently I have been
inquiring, that there are some overboard on grace, to the extent that they to the extent that
they claim to  do away with baptism. you know you can be lopsided any way?(yeah) Nevertheless
those 3 exist.... Grace , faith and spirit..all of them are important. And they have to be in
the right balance. And they certainly havenít been here...and therefore I have no idea, I
have no idea in the light of the truth I have no idea about other churches, you know I have
to say that...I have no idea...because anyway I would have looked at them, would have
been in error. Follow? (yes) spirit had better not be the basis, because itís just an anything
goes..Faith canít be the basis because then itís hard work. Grace is the basis. Itís not on
the basis of works but of grace. Grace must be the basis. Anyways....Romans 10 ď...a zeal
for God but it is not enlightened.Ē speaking of the Jews....I have heard it said ďAm I some
sort of Old Testament character....maybe thereís something to that...being ignorant of the
righteousness that comes from God and seeking to establish their had to
be true of some extent...partly the problem ignorance, non-enlightened Samaritan
doing both at once....I began speaking about relying on Jesus...The big thing is that you
have to remove the phony relying on faith before you could actually rely on
Jesus...How much are you relying on Faith?(weak muttering) You see, in other words,
hereís another explanation. In some sense or other I have a framework somehow, that I
can keep going...does that make any sense?..That you donít have. I wasnít seeing grace,
Nevertheless I could include enough of it in some sort of pseudo-framework  to ah..keep
going..enough to ah seem it?(yes) How can you rely on Jesus with some sort of
ďItís up to meĒ feeling?( canít) a double problem...yanking grace out
of scripture...especially out of those three, Grace , faith and spirit...yank grace
out....youíve done 2 things, 2 problems. First , youíve removing
grace...whatís left is changed...but itís also damaged. You canít yank something out of
something without damaging whatís left...its its..there are two things...thereís a
vacuum....and thereís damage. Do you follow? (yes)You can see that having happened.
That is , violence has been done to faith and spirit too! And then....the actual wrong came
in which is relying on the point(sighing) I was are saved by faith, by
the way thatís in the summary....itís both. Twice, we are saved by faith, donít you people
ever check your bible?(yes)

I wonder if you have more appreciation of the working of Godís grace among us
now?(yes) Grace enough to overcome this sin. Where sin abounds , grace abounds all the
more. Shall we therefore sin...God knows that I did it in ignorance...I didnít plan this...I
assume that you all know that(yes)
What about another he said.. without such a foundation..means that
there is no framework, there is no sight of the framework....everything is sort of
disconnected in a strange feeling kinda way, and every week it is a new direction and
teaching and it isnít connected to the foundation, the basis which is grace....which is the
way it must be.....minus grace ..all the good things are floating. And how do you ever tie
them together? Well you couldnít but I quote could. In some sort of a running on
automatic you start to get a picture?(yes) Thereís no confidence
therefore...confidence is a Big it is written...Ēhow come they never
marry.?Ē.....for that one alone I repent...for that one alone....Because you have to be like
Stewart first(yeah)....and the amazing marriage that He has given me...which is near
per...not me.....Iím far from fact, Gayle is close to perfect...did you ever hear..I
heard some of you people say ď Sheís not , sheís like not human.Ē(yes laughing) that
marriage itself is nothing but the grace of God. Nothing but. In fact she looked up and
found, ď He who finds a wifeĒ, itís very close, by the way, grace , what is grace? weíll
have to get into that(undeserved ..undeserved mercy) hold  it hold it hold it, that is the
stupidest thing there is, I say , with my fervent spirit, undeserved mercy...that is stupid to
talk like that, because mercy is never mercy if it is youíre saying mercy is
mercy when youíre saying Mercy is undeserved mercy.....fix your order for to be
mercy otherwise grace would no longer be order to be mercy it canít be
deserved...or it isnít mercy...What is this stupid undeserved mercy...and that is what
people say!!(yeah yeah)Listen doesnít even make sense...just in words.....Oh
maybe you do deserve some other kind of you?(nooo)well..what is this? now think
about it....You know I havenít lost my confidence is in where
it should have been all along but it wasnít ....and therefore will confidently say that...what
is this undeserved mercy? Get your head screwed on!  Noo?! (yes) Now think about it...
Mercy is mercy is all yer donít get it?(yeyyss..noo)If eh rather Grace is
mercy..yer saying Grace is mercy yer saying Grace equals mercy and it doesnít....They are
two different things....Grace is something...and it is certainly undeserved as all mercy is..or
it wouldnít be was I saying before
about that...oh yeah ďhe who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor, now grace
is close to favor...close...itís not...but thats approach..thatís one of the words that are
around grace...that youíve found favor...that He has extended his grace ..although the
grace of God and the grace of Jesus Christ too ya know,by the way, two different things....we gotta
get into this...see somehow I got saved....And I still think I got saved...I still think I got
saved. did I get saved two weeks ago? Well I think I have to say I got saved 25 years
ago...I think... but thatís another matter...I got saved or whatever....and right away...right
away...ahh....again you know, ..thereís another thing. I bought a bill of goods in a way
....because what does everybody get saved....and then you go to
church...and thatís about it....anyway..ahh..something like that..I got saved and I lost
interest in ..thats ..I donít remember doing it , Iím saying...I must have something like lost
interest in was no longer well itís over..I mean ah...and I
must have been acting something like that...perhaps having bought that picked that
up..who knows..anyway...thatís that area...well all right itís no longer now Iíll get in the Old Testament now Iíll start interpreting...and thatís
what was a process..iin the process since....and got into interpreting this
and interpreting that and and Matthew 24....meanwhile the most important teaching of all,
salvation, and the most important part of the most important teaching was nowhere.  An
nobody noticed. Now , in a nutshell, thatís  a process sense...dya
follow?(yes) thatís partly what thought studying Matthew 24
would do that...over the years many secretly dreaded it because fear   ďI could
loose my salvation, with such an extreme testing , will I make it? (yeah yeashyes)Ē.....

and you know itís the brothers ...again...that may ..that particular one was even worse
with the sisters...perhaps...there feeling reaction to it might be worse...but ya know itís
still the brothers...If ..if our life is based on works...that faith becomes works
somehow...thatís just it is more telling on the brothers...and itís the brothers therefore
that um...thatís why I have been speaking of the brothers being set free...think itís true?
(yes)...Without grace youíre on a crossing your fingers basis. I asked a while ago
 ďAre you trying to talk Jesus into saving you?Ē Remember..(yes)  trying to convince him
into saving you. (yes) my goodness...

Ya know the whole while, I never tried to take Jesus way and was always
speaking against it...and yet thatís what the devil think about it...something
like that in effect....Without grace the chain of how connects everything to Jesus is broken.
So all becomes mysterious..grace is meant to be the framework, format....Iím saying
"salvation is a gift while under the counter you have to earn it by faith." Why donít the
brothers marry, because they have no confidence. Why donít they have confidence,
because of their impossible task....what do you think of that brothers?...(yes yeah makes a
lot of sense)...

Brother 4: Many of the ones that are married , their marriagearen't very good because of the
same problem...

Faith has almost become almost an end in itself ...howís that?(yeas) one of the translations calls it
the instrument...the the way But I wonder ..Gayle?  there are of course a lot of salvation
tracts floating around pick em up right?(yes) Are they all the very same thing?(pretty much)
that I tís faith, faith, faith, that itís never grace? (nooo, itís grace yeah grace) itís grace?
(yeah yes yeah)....I picked one up..I saw one yesterday, it was zero grace....or a few days ago
.there certainly must be grace....

Brother 5: isnít even the King James translation...donít they even word it, donít they say...
ďit is through grace you are saved by faith?

Stewart: Yeah..same thing..thatís Revised...same thing...
(noo no, itís by grace ..)

Stewart: say again...say again..I canít hear ya

Brother 5:: I thought the kings James Version as I have seen it on those tracts.said. ďBy Grace
you have been saved through faith..the KJV
( changed it said it differently the first time)

Stewart : It says  "by" ..Iíll bet says by grace through faith..(right) Faith is the lesser and
Grace is the greater, doesnít matter what translation...(yeah) thatíll come out...Grace is
the basis... ..all the faith in the world...if He doesnít extend His grace....Now ..thatís
jumping the gun... without grace as the basis...Be zealous to confirm your call and election
becomes trying to convince Jesus to save you(yes)... because the fact that nobody is
picking up on grace.. and you havenít been...You havenít been picking up on it... the fact that
nobodyís been picking up on much as I have already gone into it...shows how
deeply  everyone is into ďFaith, itís up to meĒecetera...instilled in...think a that...

There is no receiving His grace with thanksgiving.... which is almost the basis of Christian
life....Christian Life..thatís right...whereís grace...Does the word grace
appear anywhere...just the word...let alone ...Iíll bet it doesnít....Things we looked
doesnít...We got a long way to go people ..are you getting restless?(noooo) Notice there
is a lot of running out..(yes...maybe take a 10 minute break....) Itís 5:00 now....We can
either keep going or take a break or break for supper(brwaksupp 10min
keep)Well...well...we could take a vote..remembering that for freedom(everyone together)
Christ has set us free(thank you Jesus) whatís the rest though..(everyone) Stand fast
therefore and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.) To a Yoke of (slavery) To a yoke
of salvation by faith or works.... Are the brothers starting to realize how Jesus is starting
to set all of US free?(yeees) how many are only starting to? how many think they half
understand it pretty much?...well...thatís getting there...Now letís vote...on the break or
keep going....keep going such as...I mean I donít want to dwell on me..but aah...up to a
point itís important...the way I have spirit.....what God is doing with Heís been leading me...and then finally ...the right view and balance thatís a big
one..what is the right ..what is right then?... well starting that... and about grace... and
other smaller...or should we take a break?....(take a break) or should we take supper?
( supper)... What is Godís will?( go a little further)(Why donít we take a vote?)

you see when you sing amazing grace...doesnít really hit you huh?(yes it, no)take
a vote on it then(yes) many say we break for supper now? how many say we take a 10
minute break?...How many say no break and no supper?(laughter) Well itís pretty obvious
that most want a break....(yes) right?(yes) so everybody vote on a 10 minute break or a
supper break(yeah) is supper ready?

Vinnie: Yeah ...if were gonna have a break I think it should be for supper, because if we
go on to 7:00 its ahh it makes things..hard..the food will be getting messed up(laughter)

okay you ready? how is that pure Vinnieand our fellowship? Well and actions are to
be interpreted in terms of the nearest circumstance only and we must act on the basis of
the closest circumstance....never raise up our eyes into the context of greater things....ahh
now supper is pretty great thatís true but  but..(laughter) there may be even greater
things...pitiful little ďitís gonna get messed up.Ē (laughter)....Take courage Vinnie! Take
courage(laughter) see Iím strengthening the brothers!(laughter) Take courage...

Vinnie: stupid thing I said...
Brother: (to Vinnie)Don't worry

Listen ah..letís all vote on a 10 minute break or a supper break...Are we all ready? (yes)
How many say a supper break now?(clamor) well..and how many say a 10 minute break?
well they lost(laughing) Well since itís everybody and I donít know a reason why to do
otherwise..maybe a supper break..we can agree on that then( yes) what do you think?
(yes) what do you think about this meeting?(praise God thank you Jesus....)

Never would have thought of it... (nooo)

Denny Dennison: I always thought that we consciencely as a fellowship
never got into grace because of the potential to take advantage which I always saw in the
other churches

Stewart: Hey..thereís a huge potential to take advantage..but tough luck ..that is the route
we must go(yes) cuz thatís the bible route...that is...yes there is a huge potential...weíll
have to get into never would have thought this...itís a big surprise(yes)....

Brother 6: yeah ..we went to see a brothers last night in brighton beach
Stewart: Canít hear a word yer mumbling...

Brother 6: okay We went to see some brothers in Brighton Beach last night and I
remembering saying ďyo ..Jesus Stewart is ______too.

Stewart: already did at least two weeks ago(thank you Jesus)..His grace is greater than my
shame or my error(thank you Jesus...yeahpraise God) the next time youíre afraid to make
a mistake...because youíre afraid to , in sincerity, do what really looks ruuu what
really looks right, really checked..ehreally looks right...His grace if if ya are wrong His
grace is greater anyway(thank you Jesus) TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF ERROR.? try to beat that(laughter) 25 years of colossal error....

Brother 7: I read about..

Stewart: this is no little point..(yeah) Sonya says I should expound on grace
more..remember? Thatís the ans ah taloowa..youíre the one ..expound on grace more..he
ha ..thatís the answer huh? MYYYYY...itís an awful lot more than that...this mortal sin...I
thought that was a big deal..I made a mistake...I did...Ha I thought that I was... I bought a
bill of goods.that was awful...but that wasnít even the tip of the iceberg...remember that?(yes) once in a
lifetime bible study I called it..remember?(yes)Oh my goodness....It is very very hard... a
month from now you try to picture somebody...actually being oblivious to grace...and is
fervent in Jesus as I have been...and put that together...a month from now try and
figure that out..impossible....which leads you to wonder...God purposely made me blind to
it..."so I am not responsible"(stewart in a mocking tone) pa..purposely made me blind to it..etc.. but ah....needs to
understand when I said Iím glad itís that bad because itís proof ..itís my written
evidence..what I already know in my spirit...that I didnít do it... I did it in
ignorance...thereís the proof....itís not there...if it was half there messed up...that might
make me Iím glad itís that bad...itís donít get it huh?(yeas)  a lot
more to it...what do you think about this..(thank you Jesus....) later we will have to discuss
your forgiveness of me or the  lack of it...thatís a subject.... now are we all ready to pray
(after prayer)

Brother 7: itís gonna take a while to digest...

Brother 8:: For me , it shows how much Jesus loves you fiercely..

Stewart: Boy ...that is my hope right is said ďHe has become my salvationĒ....that
I dare trust him...what He has done for me...even through this....

Brother 9: Seems to me, like a beginning, a beginning of a better relationship with Jesus
and with each other(yes)

Stewart: based on the sufficiency of His grace(thank you Jesus)

Lauren Albrecht: Iím not sure but I, I heard that the man that wrote or that
Jesus gave the words to  Amazing Grace, that he was a Christian for a long time and came
to the realization that he was on the wrong basis..and that..

Stewart: really?

 Lauren: God gave him the words that God marked him with Amazing Grace

Brother 10: thereís a little more than that..

Stewart: is that right?

Brother 11: Actually...he  was a seafarer.. and he dealt in slavery, he was a Christian and
he backslid very grossly and he came back to God and the last part of his life, he was
extremely faithful..and close to Jesus but he used to deal in slavery

Bobby Whipple: He was He was in a very serious He was in the Church of England, they
thought he committed apostasy..they told him he was finished and ah...because of all the
sins that he chose..serious sin he was into when he was in Africa
Brother 11: Drinking and slavery

Bobby: then he uh called out ta, he did call out to God and Jesus forgave him and thatís
why he wrote the song..Amazing Grace .(wow...thank you Jesus)

Stewart: so you see know we gotta change everything,...He called out
to God...he put his faith in Godís grace..

Bobby: yeah

Stewart: and then called out to what yer saying(yeah yeah) And he knew that thatís
what he was was doing then.....same as me....Letís hear some more brothers and sisters.....

Brother 12 : I know when I was backsliden  it seems ah, the times when I could see Grace
most clearly in fact, ah pretty much the only times that I considered it  was when I was the
very most out of it..with the noose around my neck and the rope broke

Brother 13: physically

Brother12 : I considered his grace a lot more than I considered my faith at that point
Stewart: that makes sense

Brother 14: I saw God's grace when He made me trust him with 3 children....and I ...will continue

Stewart: (whispering) that's His mercy...

Brother 15: I think that God has let this happen this long....and what is His plan for us(yeah yes..muttering thank you Jesus)

Bob Muller: It is his grace that brought us safe thus far...(and grace willl bring me home...praise God ..thank you Jesus)

Stewart: You don't have the view that Salvation is over and done with..?(starting to..starting to now..muttering) Right kind of view of that... Otherwise Grace would no longer be grace...