rules                                                 THINGS THAT GO ON WITH SISTERS  (Main Issues)

These were copied down by Angela Fedule at the direction of Stewart when he talked to Chris Eidesernia (?) October 8, 1976

1.  We should note sisters who work alone--they shouldn't be-looking for sisters to get upgrades for that reason,

2.  Fellowship about seeing yourself as dull and what happens (if you are dull). #1 girls don't like to admit that   they are dull. Sisters don't like to commit themselves to something  for fear of failure.  If you just feel like you are there-Jesus promises an interesting life--John 10:10 (The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly).

3-  Sisters just continue along to see what will happen---not going out of their way but waiting for something to come to them.
Sisters tend to condemn  themselves.

4.  Sisters could got into looking back to Egypt because they are dull.

5. Most Sisters are are discouraged  by sleep---what about beds anyway?

6.  Stewart said that each girl should see herself as having some clothes as good.  No one should think that they aren't being
 treated fairly because they don't have nice clothes.

7.  Sisters seeing themselves as less attractive than when they were unsaved----don't take care of themselves as much. Either
got into building it up or I don't care or I have to be a mess for Jesus.

8. Change in always good for sisters  -getting into a rut is bad. Example of change-moving to another loft.

9.  Sisters looking to marriage thing.

10.  General ways sisters could be encouraged--why aren't sisters leading more to Jesus.

11.  We should be into our relationship with Jesus more. (Sisters tend to drift away from that.)

12.  If you had a wish-what would you wish for right now. What would make you happy in your own sight.

13.  Sisters fear and feel guilty about going to Doctor or Dentist.