Girl Browns girlbrowns                               GIRL BROWNS                                                                       STEWART  TRAILL         DEC.15,1974

      It is girl brown to question why you are in a particular situation whereas a boy will tend more to just accept it. It's harder for a girl to look to a long range purpose remembering that she needs smaller range purposes to work to.You should be looking to both short and long range goals. And a girl has to be in short range more than a boy. Q? What if you're young and you don't know what you're doing in the.long range? A-You don't know what it's like to be older and don't know 'what it's like to live a life--you can't really know you're not going to know- that's the problem with being young. But the good part of being young
is that you're not that.hard that you can't be bent into the right thing. More and more there's the whole mass-there's 600-700 people in the FF now-and there's a solidity and stability in the whole size and success of the FF as a future for you-as a future meaning-purpose and meaning is what you're talking about really.0ther than the short range. just filling your stomach.
One girl brought up how she didn't see a place for herself in the FF having to be either a leader or a wife--not wanting either. Ans. #1 guaranteed you will have a place-very, probably as both a wife and  partially a leader,-period.You and every other girl. Every 16 yr. old says  "I'm  never getting married-I don't wanna get married-I don't think".Then look around.Where are the 25-30, 35-40 year old females?Are they not married? 'What's very probably gonna occur to you ? Look around at all married girls in the FF... the whole group. Are they unhappy being married? Did they choose to be married-in fact, did they even choose to be married to that particular guy even after they got saved . they knew him for awhile and they chose that and are happy, they did. Is that the normal situation? That's what's very likely gonna happen to you.You aren't into getting married,  and won't be until the time comes.  When you were 8 years old, did you think about wanting to be in the FF?  You can't look ahead--you're not able to because you don't have past experience.The vast majority should and will get married. Not every girl must-no-16 yr.old says how she's not into getting married. A-You are 16 and talking like you're 16.You don't see a purpose in it-who said you should?  I said you will. Here you are--playing the devil's game-playing with the future-things that you're not able to handle,and you're trying to handle them. That's just like the 8 yr.old saying "I know what it's like being 16". You have to forget it-that's one of the hard things for a girl-you just have to forget it for now.According to you, that shouldn't be hard, because, biologically, you don't desire to be married that much. So it shouldn't be such a problem but your head makes it a problem. It's by toying with things you don't even need to toy with. You're gonna worry about it, even though you shouldn' t. You know why?  Cuz you can't discipline yourself and get it together. That' s hard for you-to be sticking to a plan and a thought out purpose-the guys do that naturally-you don't.  The problem is, theoretically,every adult male is supposed to be a Stewart. But it isn't that way.But the next best thing is that all the brothers around now are gonna be getting heavier and heavier. In the meantime, it's true they can't really talk to you really right. Nevertheless,better than anywhere else and the prognosis is very good for the future-but again, you don't think of that. The problem is that you're a girl-you should look at it that way.A girl does have special problems that a guy doesn't have. You can't handle yourself as confidently-because you're a girl.You were made' that  way so,biologically,you would look to the male for support,which is what you' re supposed to do.You- can fight against it- "I am strong-I am woman. The guys in the FF- do they mean well or not?  But they're pretty dumb, right?  Especially in regard to dealing with girls-Because they were raised all wrong-same as you,but they're paying a bigger price because they're more responsible.They're supposed to be the ones you can look to for support. and in fact can't.

So where does that leave you--your complaint. Remember you're  talking about the way it's supposed to be,and the way
it really is. But you've got to remember, they're not to blame.They do mean well.  I guess girls do hurt as girls appreciably in the FF-why aren't there more girls?  For guys to understand you when you don't understand yourself--that' a quite a tall order. You see that Chris understands you better than others. He's definitely above average. You're suffering from his lack of ability to project that understanding.That's what you're answering in terms of. You don't feel that he understands you. He had correct information about you, he can go to correct facts, but he can't handle you that well. He will gain facility in dealing with girls. He does understand the basics. Being young in the flesh hinders his being able to do that. Even if he was raised right it would still be difficult in that he doesn't have experience. But being raised wrong plus being young in the flesh--wow.The guys in the FF--that is a problem. The guys are improving. This one is so deep in you and worry is so natural, that it's hard for you just to calculate curves in terms of things like this. (He's talking of the fact that the curve of guys understanding girls is gonna go up). Your worrying over your being taken care of is human and normal-In the world you'd say,"I don't care if the guy is half crazy and weak, because actually I can half take care of my situation anyway... but it's OK to have him along too".That would be more or less the attitude -which you recognize to be all wrong now..And so trying to do it the right way   you've got no basis or background whatever.Only a background of looking at things the wrong way.