contract                                     CHURCH

       Whereas I am a woman, the basis of my life is either shame or  faith in Jesus - who takes away my shame. lt is also important to me to be working at what is meaningful. Jesus has again provided a way for me to please Him in something meaningful by being an office worker and that is my purpose for being here.  I also have certain specific problems that, left unchecked, will lead to a very unhappy life with no future and eventually to my own destruction. That is the reason for this contract, which I promise to abide by.

 As a woman being special to a man matters, sometimes so much that it looks better to try to steal special attention rather than living honestly.  Pulling the plug would be an excellent way to try to get wrong attention.    Since the temptation is greater to try to do that in the Church office, this contract is designed to not allow that sort of behavior.

Being a woman, there is a good part of me that doesn't even want this contract.  However, since I am. thankful for this opportunity I am going to protect it.  By following this contract it will be clear what I am doing so this won't turn into a hide-out and a prison. Being an office worker will not take away my shame and I will not  use this as an excuse to run away from loving my brothers and sisters.

Since in the past I have allowed wrong behavior in myself and others, this contract is designed to correct that so that the office is left with only wholehearted, honest and devoted women.  This good opportunity can be easily ruined by allowing anyone to be here on a wrong basis.

This contract is designed to make no room for queens to dwell.  We are to be a family, working together with no one on the "throne" for some extra attention.  That would be a great avenue for pulling the plug.

I realize that I am valuable but I can be replaced.  When those feelings of "they need me" come and my destroyers start outstripping my builders then it's time for me to take a vacation and I will see that I am not irreplaceable.

 This contract is also a check on my laziness - both physically and spiritually.  I promise to come here and really get the job done -not to be entertained or lazy.  Another pattern has been to start something on a right basis, with right attitudes and then through laziness let it go to ruins. The purpose for this contract is to guard against this and to even make this a better and better opportunity.  It's time to change my old ways of living - to break up my fallow ground.  Therefore, I agree to abide by the terms of this contract, which are as follows:

         -  to be glad and thankful for this opportunity and saying so
         -  gentle and willing to help in any way in whatever needs to be done
         -  to be direct and honest about what I want
           - root out all kinds of pity in myself and other women
           - always blow the whistle and ride the other women who help in the off
           - be sure that everyone else who enters the office promises to abide
              by the contract
           - make sure that wrong behavior is immediately made right
           - get to the bottom of every matter and settle it
            - get together with the others who work here once a week and the body

At Every Older Meeting, Have a judgment as to whether :

 I am abiding by the contract,

-be contributing at all meetings
- work at the proposition with all the rest Of my brothers and sisters
-  let Jim know what's going on - problems in the office, who's working,etc
- be aware that this is the fellowship's investment, take care of it and  to keep the General Behavior Rules.
- not trying to use Jim to get to Stewart and to behave rightly toward him
- not doing jealousy numbers toward happy women
 - all my operations will be swift and efficient and they will be doubly swift if they're for Stewart
-make sure someone else knows my job-train younger women-not lifetime position
-be serious minded
-have efficiency meetings once a week - what's done and not done
-act in fellowship with one another
-I will allow no maneuvering through the Office to get to Jim or Stewart
-As a Church office worker I will not do personal errands
- I will not act on my own, I will ask before taking action
-I will keep my log book faithfully every day and have it ready to present at any time
-have the attitude of must listen to and carry out the will and directions of the older fellowship

     The Other women who come to help in the office must trust that I'm fully here for right reasons.  I must get ten witnesses signature's that they trust that I am keeping my contract. If I am not trusted  by the other women and get too many demerits then I will be put on probation and must immediately shape up or else go on vacation(suspension). Here are the merits and demerits for office helpers. our builders are to out-strip our destroyers more and more.


     nastiness towards happy women - 25
     strange behavior towards Stewart or Jim, wrong behavior and Jim or any brother points it out before I do-5
     sabotage - 10
     not appointing someone to assign demerits each day and night - 9
     not being responsible over young sheep who come - 7
     jobs not done because of laziness/irresponsibility - 7
      handling equipment roughly - 7
      being pitiful - 5
     mindless behavior - 5
     not getting a replacement to come -   5
     deliberate crooked posture - 5
     not blowing the whistle - same demerit as the one gets who you didn't blow the whistle on church blunders (determined by    others right then)
being late to meet with others without a good reason dragging to get an issue finished - 4
breaking the General Behavior Rules - 2
not giving urgent messages immediately-
 For fighting


 anything done beyond your responsibility
 completing assigned issues
merits are based on devotion, kindness & extra effort

Church Office Contract

                   I_______________Promise to live by the terms of this

          Here are tie signatures of my  10 witnesses who trust that I am keeping the contract:

_______________________________                           _________________________________
_______________________________                           _________________________________
_______________________________                           _________________________________
_______________________________                           _________________________________
_______________________________                           _________________________________