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Excerpt from the Betty Baxter Story

"As far back as I can remember, I can never recollect a day without pain
and agony in my body. From the time I was just a baby, and all my life-long
I suffered pain in my body. From the time I was an infant when the doctors
said I was born abnormal, there was something wrong with my spine and with
my heart. My daddy began to take me from one doctor to another. He took me
from specialist to specialist, to clinics and hospitals. Every doctor, after
X-rays, gave the same answer - there was nothing that could be done for me.
At the age of eleven I was taken to the large University Hospital in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was kept there almost three weeks as they X-rayed
and did tests, trying to find out whether there was anything they could do,
at least for the pain and suffering in my body. When the three weeks were up
they told my parents that there was nothing that medical science could do
for me, and sent me home to die.

"I grew worse as I was shut away from the world in my bedroom at age eleven;
my spine curved, my chest sunk in, until at the age of fifteen when they
stood me up I stood as tall as my four year old brother. There were knots
the size of hen's eggs beginning at the base of my neck, one after the other
down to the base of my spine. My arms were paralyzed from my shoulders to my
wrists, I could only move my fingers. My head was twisted and turned on my
body. And in this condition, with all hope given up for me, my parents were
advised not to spend any more money on doctors as there was nothing medical
science could do. My mother was a devout Christian who deeply loved Jesus.
She was desperate, she didn't want me to die. She began to read and study
God's Word. She found the answer to what she was searching for in the Word
of God. One day, very excited, she came to my room and exclaimed, 'I've
found the answer! It says here that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
today and forever. It says here that ALL things are possible, if you can
only believe.' She said, 'Betty, this lets me know that if I have faith and
really believe, you're not going to die, but God is going to heal you, bring
you out of that bed, make you whole, and you will walk by His power.' "

There is neither time nor space to relate the numerous details that ensued.
There were many and varied crisis' in Betty Baxter's condition, climaxing in
an out-of-body experience as she came to the river of death, only to be
turned back by the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, on a hot August afternoon
sitting in the living room in a big overstuffed chair piled high with
pillows, as she prayed, the Lord Jesus spoke in an audible voice beside the
chair. He said, "I am going to heal you completely on Sunday afternoon,
August 24, at three o'clock." He gave her the day and the hour. Following a
number of consequent events we now take up the thread of her story again.

"August 24 finally came. Daddy and my brothers and sisters went to Sunday
school and Church.  That afternoon mom had invited a few friends together to
pray for me. At a quarter till three she came into my bedroom, leaned over
my bed and said, 'It's fifteen minutes till three. Do you want mother to
carry you and put you in the big chair in the living room?' I told her,
'Yes,' and thought, 'fifteen minutes! And I've waited over fifteen years for
Jesus to come and heal me.' They carried me into the living room and put me
into the chair with the pillows with my head resting on my knees and my arms
hanging at my side. When I'm happy I always cry. So the tears were rolling
down my cheeks because it was time now for me to be healed. My baby brother
knelt in front of me and shook his little head and said, 'Don't cry any more
sis, it will only be a minute and you'll be bigger than I am.' They knelt
around my chair and mom said, 'It's ten minutes now, what do you want us to
do?' I replied, 'Start praying, I want to be praying when he comes.' The
last thing I remember hearing was my mother saying, 'The hour is come; you
won't fail me, will you Lord?  You're going to come and heal her because the
hour is come.'

"Then I didn't hear any more. There was no wind that day but suddenly a
great rushing wind swept through our living room. The drapes swirled in the
wind; a door slammed somewhere, and then the wind subsided and all was
silence. In this calmness and stillness I knew now that Jesus would really
come. My eyes were glued to the opposite side of the room; I watched and
waited, it seemed I dare not breathe. As I looked I saw taking form before
me a white, fleecy cloud. As I watched, stepping out of that cloud was the
Lord Jesus Christ! He stepped forth out of that cloud dressed in flowing
garments of glistening white. His face shone with a radiance so bright that
I closed my eyes and opened them again while my eyes grew accustomed to His
brightness. He stood there a tall man with outstretched arms. I can't
describe Him to you. If I were an artist I could not draw Him as He really
was. He came walking toward my chair and the closer He got the better I
felt. But I felt so unworthy, too unworthy for Jesus to touch me - but if I
can touch His garment I know I'll be healed. My fingers reached out trying
to touch His clothes, and in the stillness I heard my mother cry out,
'Jesus! You'll have to come closer, she can't reach that far.' But He didn't
come closer, and soon the strength that was in my fingers was gone and they
fell at my side. He showed me by this that my last feeble effort had failed.
It must be HIM and Him alone to heal my body.

"As He stood there I saw beside Him two rows of trees and they stood tall
and straight. As I watched, one in the center began to bend until the tip of
it touched the ground. I wondered why the one little tree was all bent over
while the others stood straight and tall. Then I saw Jesus walk through that
row of trees. When He got to the little bent tree He reached out His hand
and placed His hand where it was bent and with a loud crack and pop the tree
straightened up like the others.  I said, 'That's me, all right! He's coming
by today. He'll put His hand on my spine, the bones will crack and POP as
the vertebrae's go into place, and I'll be straight like other girls.'

"Then He took a final step and stood just beside the chair. He leaned down
and looked straight into my face and said, 'Betty, you've been patient, kind
and loving. Henceforth I promise you joy, health and happiness.' With the
final word, 'happiness,' He stretched forth His hand and my body became
tense waiting for the hand of Jesus. I felt a hot sensation rush through my
body. Two hot hands were placed on my fallen organs and I felt everything
inside of me move into place. I knew that internally I was healed. Two hot
hands - as hot as fire - took my heart and squeezed it and for the first
time I could take a deep breath without gasping and I knew that my heart
trouble was gone. And then I felt His hand pressed on the very center of one
of the knots on the center of my spine - there was a tingling sensation as
though I had touched a live electric wire the bones snapped and cracked as
the vertebrae's went into place. In the presence of those who were there
they saw the knots fade and disappear. My hip snapped into its right
position, my paralyzed arms were raised high and in ten seconds I stood on
my feet straight as I'm standing tonight, healed by the mighty power of the
Lord Jesus Christ!"