The Difference between Hiding from and Forsaking

March 16th 2010

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"I will never leave you, nor forsake you." "Lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age." "My God, My, God, why hast thou forsaken me." "Thou hast said, "Seek ye my face" My heart says to thee, "Thy face, Lord , do I seek" Hide not thy face from me.,

Today, I struggled in prayer. I have always had an abundance of emotions and little faith. I sought the Lord about this. I have always been the one seeking to feel God's presence and not have faith in the promise of his presence. God showed me something that I want to tell you here, now.

There is a difference between Forsaking and Hiding. Our Father hides himself from us, but He never forsakes us. The ultimate way of hiding for a human is to become invisible. Think about that. Invisibility does not mean non existence. It simply means "not seen." We serve the invisible God. He hides himself from the world. He reveales Himself to us.

What is faith? It is the conviction of things not seen. "Whoever would draw near to God, must believe that He exists, and that he rewards those who seek him." Herews 11:6 We believe God exists. Even the demons believe. It is what we believe about the God who exists that matters.

When we face trials, when we sense that God is not there, we are not saying that He doesn't exist, we say that He is not paying atttention to us, He is not engaged in our specific time of trial. The Psalms are full of the language of, "Where are you, God? Job's longing was that God would show up or set a time to pay attention to him and his suffering. Where was God? He was hiding.

If you have a relationship with God through Jesus, then your spirit desires to always be in God's presence. Our walk with the Lord, would be easier, if God made his presence known to us, throughout the day, day after day. I believe God strengthens our FAITH in Him, by hiding Himself from us. When we can't sense him, when we can't feel Him, then we are tempted to try and conjure up the feeling of his presence or the feeling of christian life, before giving up and settling for some other sensation. In a sense, we are trying to get our flesh to obey and follow God which is not possible. God hides from us so that we can walk by faith in His word, in His promises, to believe against our senses, that He not only exists, but that He has not forsaken us, that His steadfast love does endure and never ceases toward us. It seems that the perfect answer to God hiding Himself from us , is to walk by Faith that He will never leave us or forsake us, through this time that we feel just that He has We are tempted to believe He has forsaken us, and this is a lie.

The Lord then showed me the word forsaken and it's real meaning. Jesus was forsaken at the cross. My brother Dave wrote that he paid the debt of Hell on the cross, the total separation from God. Our God was not hiding from His Son, He forsook Him at Calvary, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me."

I believe the agony of our Lord in the garden of Gethsemane was not forseeing the pain of torture and crucifixtion. What brought his prayer, "My Father, if this cup cannot pass unless I drink it, thy will be done" was the terrible knowledge that His Father must and would forsake Him in order to punish him for the sins of us all. Because God the Lord is Holy and cannot look on sin. He forsook Jesus.

Jesus took our sins and God's forsaking, to redeem us and have the power and authority to say,"I will never leave you or forsake you." Jesus got power over death. Therefore we can say, "Nothing can separate us from the Love of God."

I now know why the Psalmist said many, many times, "Do not Hide yourself, Oh Lord from me." He had faith in the Invisible God, he knew by faith that Our God and Father exists, but he longs for the presence of the Lord in His life and desires that God remain in His life always. But God, in love, hides Himself, so that his faith, our faith, in Him is strengthed. We no longer rely on our old self to follow Him, but our new creation, who has faith in His steadfast love.

P.S. The Sun is a good figure for the relationship God has with us. We see the sun sometimes but we are constantly benefiting from its existence. By day we see it, sometimes it is obscured by clouds, and when storms rage, the sun still shines and is present to sustain life here. At night when we do not see it, it is still sustaining life. We are kept alive by God every moment. Even when we can't see him or sense his warmth, He still shines and never ceases to shine and give us life. Circumstances, sin, tragedy, can obscure our view of God, but God does not stop working and loving, just because we can't see Him.

a reminder that what I am writing most likely has been written before or already known by you. I am sharing what God is showing me, and if this helps and edifies you, Praise God.