Stewart: 50, 75 here, at this time, Praise God, 12:15, look at this crowd. Hey, this is ridiculous. Now how can all these young people be gathered together, reading the bible? How can this be? Pardon Me. How can this be? You must be crazy! That was an interesting uh observation there, Remas, Let's get the bible study out and really get into the bible at this time, whadda ya say? And whoever has any comments to make, especially new comers to our happy group. We want you to feel free to make comments.

Brother: Express your self

Newcomer: I would like to make a comment

Stewart: Express yourself, yes

Brother 2: I would like to say all new comers that makes you feel free to do the John 3:3 and be our brothers and sisters.

Stewart: Heavy, Praise God, say how about reports from the other fellowships at this time(yeah). Alright go ahead.

Patty: Hi my name is Patty and I'm from Bethlehem. (yeah) and we have a fellowship in Bethlehem and it's only 5 miles away from Allentown, and it's pretty heavy. (laughter)

Brother 3: that's all?

Patty: How many people are here from Bethlehem?

Stewart: Look at that

Patty: Woow! (laughter) 1 , 2, 3, 4 ,5

Stewart: The whole front row, look at that,

Patty: The whole front row

Stewart: that's beautiful . Praise God. Alright, that's enough uh from the circus. Okay now how about Reading. How's Reading doing? I noticed Reading sitting over here go , speak, (bend over, watch it) How's Reading doing go ahead.

Brother 4: Well Skip and me and our wives, we're gonna go start another fellowship in Conshohocken

Stewart : or Norristown

Brother 4 : or Norristown. (laughter) and um, that's all from Reading.

Stewart: There ya go, Hey and also Rich Sable and 4 others are suppose to start in Pottstown, when?

Brother 5: Monday (monday)

Stewart : They gotta place? Who's going? Rick?

Brother 5: yeah

Stewart: and Dave and Liz, and Louise? and Dave? Heeaavy! Going to Pottstown, that's number 10You know that. That's gonna be Number 10. (in a mock growl-like voice) How many believe we're gonna have 15 fellowships this Fall! (cheers) How many believe it?( Cheers)Yeah Boy, taking a step in faith, Heavy!That's beautiful. (chatter) eh yes go ahead.

Brother 6: Hey ah this is for Allentown people or for people who are moving to Allentown. We got a new dormitory.

Brother 7: Where at?

Brother 6: 3rd floor, well you know we got the dormitory above Riley's next to137. We got the one already and uh Mr. P, our landlord, uh came over and graciously offered another one. It's a giant apartment for $75 dollars a month, very cheap, they're really big, I think they got 2 married couples living in them already, but uh it's y'know who knows what's going on, so uh whoever wants to live in there, see me.

Stewart : therefore... Therefore when these uh half baked or half grown sheep uh get out and start fellowships now, the idea is that Allentown is gonna be Rockyhill Seminary again. And uh it's it's, medium people from from uh (laughter) Pardon me a moment! (laughter) Thank you. At this uh, medium uh heavy people from other fellowships come here and get really heavy and then they go out and start fellowships. How bout that huh? How bout that?(one person clapping)

Sister : Yeeaahh.

Brother: Yeah

Stewart: And that way we multiply. Rockyhill Seminary, that's the way it used to be. A year ago, Rockyhill Seminary, when the first bunch was getting heavy. Now they should go out and start fellowships and then start another generation, remember every two years. But then 2 years from now, Cleveland should be doing that and Reading and uh, all of them. Harrisburg, all of them should be doing that, having their own um, you know it's a heavy area there. And there's Heavy people there. thurs... 2 years from now there's what, people saved there 3, 4, 5 years there. Yeah, that's a long time. Then they themselves are training people, whole new generation again. Multiplying all over. That's where Skip's figures came from. Okay now John 1:12 you should have these pages numbered, but they're not.

Who received you who believed in his name. The very very heavy portion, who received him who believed in his name. We went through a bunch of verses that showed pretty clearly, just the few that we did, that it's necessary to receive and believe and both of them are in the salvation verses. And If you have any doubts make notes on these papers. And ask questions about uh How is this receiving or How is this believing or things like that. Now area 2 here, Cases Conserving, Concerning Receiving First and then Believing. Receiving first and then believing, that's the order in which it usually occurs, but not necessarily, not necessarily, let me tell you the ou, Who can think of the usual case where people are more into believing than they're into receiving? Where they grow more in terms of believing than in terms of receiving?

Sister: audio low

Stewart: no the church trip , it's the other way around. the church trip sure, when you're, you grow up in church, "Sure I believe in Jesus," and in a way you do. heh uh, in a uh, in a sense. Cases Concerning Receiving First and then Believing, John 6:40, John 6:40 says, it's a very famous verse, it says it says, says, " And this is the will of my father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." Who sees the Son and believes in him. Now how many see receiving first there? Isn't it pretty obvious? You think it means the eyes, it doesn't mean seeing him with your eyes, it means uh again understanding, coming to, thereby seeing, dealing with, being interested in, you can't see something unless you open your eyes, right? Ya hav You have to be willing to see something before you'll see it, right? eh(sigh). Right Nick? Right Audrey? You got to be willing to see something, just shift your eyes, you don't have to see it. Everyone who sees the Son, well that a figure of receiving. Seeing him is a figure of receiving Him. By the way, knowing Jesus is at the top of the list there. At the top of the charts, knowing Jesus. Knowing sums up receiving and believing. Knowing him, abiding in Him, that's summing it up. Alright um, John 6:40 12:36 that's a famous verse. John 12:36 says, "while you have the light, believe in the light, that you may becoming sons of light. While you have the light is receiving first. How can you receive it, obviously you've receive it if you have it While you have the light, believe in the light. While the light is among you, -----itself, of course. They were dealing with him but they weren't believing in him. though he had done so many signs before them yet they did not believe in him. so there it is. They were, at least He talked in terms of their receiving first, "while you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light....Right?....He put their receiving, believing, becoming sons of light, that's the uh order that He put it in. But in fact , they were doing neither there, that in fact cases where they neither believed nor received, is that one of them? No (No I don't have that down there). But That would be one right there. 17:8, that's the one we did before, uh they had received Him nuh, "For I have given them the word which thou gavest me, and they have received them, and know in truth that I came from Thee and they have believe that Thou didst send me." It's pretty obvious he's putting received first there, isn't it? That they have received him? Isn't it? I have given them the word which Thou gavest me. That they have received them. Now , by the way, that's in the circle. Are you aware? That's a very very heavy receiving. That's receiving his words. Are you aware of that now? Hey! That's heavy, this is a very heavy receiving Jesus. This is in the circle. When you are receiving Jesus' words, you're in the circle. Yes or No? Don't you understand that? How many understand it? How many don't understand it? Receiving Jesus is one thing, but receiving His testimony, we went through this before, No one receives his testimony is what John 3:32 says, dya remember? No one receives His testimony. No human, on his own, can receive Jesus' testimony, you have to be in that circle. It's only through the Holy Spirit that anyone receives His testimony. The next verse is, he who receives His testimony , so there is a class that does receive his testimony, but it's those who are being saved. Those who are saved. uh those uh, I have given them, well obviously they were saved, he was talking to his disciples. I have given them the words which Thou gavest me. And they have received them. For sure, that shouldn't come as a surprise to you, his disciples received his words, they were in the circle and above it. Dya understand that? That's what I like about coming here to Cleveland, everybody just sits there real quiet. IT's not like Allentown. Boy if we were back in Allentown, everybody would be asking questions and making comments showing this and showing that. Sure wish I was back in Allentown. (laughter) Well, I'll be there next week, Lord willing. Um. Let's pull up the next area here. Obviously there is a what 50 in there, in that category , Cases Concerning Receiving First and then Believing, I just touched 3 of them. There's 50 in there. just in that. Number 3 , Cases of Just Believing and Coming to Nothing, John 2:23, which we went through before, dyou remember?" Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover feast, many believed in his name when they saw his signs which he did." It came to nothing though. They just believed and it came to nothing, they didn't receive.( d'You wanna turn it up a little, Primo? Keep checking it till you get as much volume as you can without it to the whinning.) Next is uh, 6:64, 6 : 64 "For Jesus knew from the first who those were that did not believe and who it was that should betray him. 6:64 that's it, isn't it? Somebody ought to be checking me. At this point my brain is not that good.

Brother: there are some of you who do not believe

Stewart: Uh?

Brother: There are some of you that do not believe.

Stewart: There are some of you that do not believe, for Jesus knew from the first who those were who did not believe in him and who it was who should betray him , right? Yeah. Right, in other words, and that's a case there, there are some of you who do not believe. 6:64 Cases of Just Believing and Coming to Nothing. There are some of you that do not believe. Read it again

Brother: Jesus knew (louder) from the first who those were who would not believe and who it was who would betray him. The first part is "But there are some of you who do not believe." For Jesus knew from the first...

Stewart: well then that shouldn't be in there, I don't know what I'm doing there. Cases of Just Believing and Coming to Nothing. (rec time 14min 15sec) Well I'm missing something. am I , am I uh?

Brother: must be an excellent cases of receiving but not believing (yeah) go with the next one

Stewart : well , yeah but the 2:23 was right. They didn't get the 3 things mixed up there. Can I ask a question?(sigh)May I ask a question? Where is 6:64 in 3, Cases of Just Believing and Coming to Nothing? It isn't in the thing before it? 14:64.... 6 is 14..or is 4 64 chapter 4 :64, isn't it?(noo)(chapters 6..low audio) Yeah, yeah, chapter 6 14 64 yeah it is. yeah.

Sister: low audio

..uh? But there are some of you that do not believe. uh I don't know what that's doing in there. so just scratch that out. that shouldn't be in there.

Brother: part of the next one

Stewart: yeah , well, just flip it down, yeah, point it down to to the other one, they were receiving him alright, they were dealing with him, but they weren't believing in Him. They were his very own disciples, unless it's in there because they were believing, like a head trip, and not uh, not really believing. They weren't, they had been going around with him. But uh, I'm not even thinking of the context right now. (low audio) point this down, anybody got a pen, sorry this is eh reference...sorry that reference is wrong, let's go to 7:41 that's a bummer. That's what you get....I've been rushing on this somethin terrible, really really wrong. If you have any questions about this, ask. 7:41 now 7:41 is a very famous verse. I'm guner, I'm gonna tell it to you. It's a very famous verse and I'm gonna tell it to you, John 7:41 Now John 7:41 is in the gospel and um it um has to do with uh the gospel message as such but uh of course it as itself is furthermore and uh just not and also is Is um, "there was again a division among the Jews, because of these words", no,

Brother: "Others said

Stewart: others said, that's what I said (laughing) all right, I quit..all right, others said this is the Christ, some said is the Christ to come from Galilee? Others said this is the Christ. But some said, is the Christ to come from Galilee? Yeah, others said this is the Christ, they were believing all right, that's a high case of believing , saying that he is the Christ, very high grade, this is the it came to nothing. There was a division over them, and as far as we know it came to nothing, in the gospel record, there it came to nothing. ih The picture there is, one of uh a mob, y'know a bunch of people, when you have a bunch of people and yer talkin about Jesus, there's bound to be a whole bunch who'll stick up for Jesus. y'know and they're given tor ya, "I was being nice" or it's a religious background or y'know, I wouldn't knock anybody for his religion. He said he's the Christ and who knows, you know, in other words, it didn't matter to them so they could say anything, and they could care less, that kind of a just saying uh, yknow, debating about it, y'know the crowd getting together and having their gossip and so forth. That's the image in the context of nothing came of it and for what you see today. That's just believing but coming to nothing. And actually it's also a reference to the other one. It's not in there, Cases of Receiving and not Believing. Some of them received him but they did not believed him. They said is the Christ to come from Galilee ? ( rt 19:27) they They were dealing with him, but they weren't believing. Now maybe that's a mild form of receiving. That certainly would be on the lower end of receiving.There's different degrees of receiving when you get into receiving different there's heavy medium, heavy, and light. And believing also medium, heavy and light. John suh that's was 7:41.


Number 4, Cases of Receiving and not Believing. Receiving and not believing. Now we see that don't we? The people who will deal with Jesus, but they won't really put their trust in Him. Wha, yeah, that's what I was doing; receiving Jesus but not believing in Him. Well here's some scriptures for it, 5:7 Now John chapter 5 verse 7, is a very heavy, the sick man answered him

Sister: No

Stewart: uh? Phillip answered him in chapter 5?

Brother: No, the sick man

Stewart: The sick man, that's what I said, the sick man,...( where is she coming from?) Boy I thought I was whack out but wow....(laughter) Hey listen, she's been up tape, taping, yeah, taping, typing , taping what not, and she's not like(?)....5:7 Sick man answered him ,"Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is troubled. While I am going, another steps down before me. How is that a case of receiving but not believing? How is that a case of receiving but not believing? Does anybody know? Ah , yes , clairervin, Hermeneutics is your favorite area is it not, Edwin? Hermeneutics and Philology, and Eschatology of uh tudepickafa? (laughter) shudepigafa... Herman, what?

Herman: ah Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed, and the guy didn't really believe that Jesus could do it. So he wasn't really ah he didn't really understand, he didn't really believe Jesus could heal him

Stewart: There's no indication that he believed that Jesus could heal him, right. But what indication is there that he received him?

Herman: The fact that he talked to him

Stewart: Yeah, more than that too, though

Different Brother: Admitting the fact that he couldn't make it himself, that he had tried

Stewart: That wouldn't be receiving Jesus, that would be believing in Him, if he were actually doing that. No , he wasn't really doing that

Brother: The fact that he wanted to be healed

Stewart: He showed that he wanted to be healed and he trusted himself, he opened up about it. He talked about his real concern in that area. He didn't just say, "Yeah, I wanna get healed, what are ya crazy?" He actually pointed to his concern and he dealt with, he fairly dealt with Jesus on this point. He actually dealt with it. Where he was really coming from, just straight, and he immediately got healed, didn't he? Now he received, but he didn't believe. He didn't know anything else. Sounds like, John 9:37, "and answered him, who is he that I may believe in Him. 9:36 that's another one we're coming to, later. The man received Jesus grea very strongly, but he didn't believe in Him but he was willing to believe in Him. And then he asked Jesus, "Who is he that I can believe in him. He was willing to believe in Him. Then Jesus told him and he did believe in him. It's a disstablishdes.....9 uh 6:28 is another very heavy verse. It's a heavy verse that shows receiving and not believing. I'll tell ya how it does it. 6:28 is a famous verse, it's the sixth chapter of John and uh it's about eh, they said to him um, "What must we do, to be doing the work of God?" Well, they didn't know...really. But they asked, straight...right? And in straight dealing with Jesus and asking and inquiring, that is one of the, isn't inquiring one of the words? No, inquiring is not, seeking, thinking, being interested, understanding, learning, finding out ,coming. So, that's that's what the man did there. He sought the facts. He asked, the crowd asked Him. Right?

Brother: I wanted to ask you if with um said that believing but not receiving

Stewart: the other way around, receiving but not believing, that's receiving and not believing. What must we do, to be doing the work of God? That's receiving. How many understand that that is receiving? How many really see it? How many are in doubt over it? How many are in doubt over it, as to whether that's receiving or believing? The man asked a question, he didn't state, he didn't say. He was mighty mighty far from John 11:27, "Yes Lord, I believe, that you are the Christ, the Son of God, He who is coming into the world." Good grief, that's a heavy uh, that's a very heavy statement. He was very far from there, he's saying ,well, and who is he, what what is the work of God? What must we do, to be doing the work of God? Well, that's showing ignorance in the first place, but they were open about it. And that comes under receiving. Seeking. Weren't they seeking when they asked "what must we do"? Isn't that seeking? Well, seeking and trusting yourself to Jesus and saying, "Well, maybe I'll get my answers from Jesus. That attitude is receiving. Okay, next, 9:41, now, 9:41, I know it anyway, tough luck, it's a very famous verse, it's in the gospel, it's in the ninth chapter, has to do with judgment over, also find, Jesus said to them, "If you were blind, you would have no guilt, but now that you say 'We see' your guilt remains." They were receiving Jesus, in fact, They even uh knew so much that they could mock him and uh cut and carry on and so forth and they did see. Now that you say 'We see'...well in a sense they were claiming to have received Jesus in the sense of dealing with him, the very light type of receiving. They wouldn't go anywhere deeper, honest receiving, they, in a very surface way, received and dealt with him but not really fairly and it came to nothing. They received him in a way. Some of the Pharisees standing by said to him , "are we also blind?" sort of like a half a cut and half a question. And uh(unclear)....receiving in there but there was no believing. Now that we say, now that you say, "we see" your guilt remains. So they couldn't have received and believed. If they were receiving just that tiny bit and believing just an equally tiny bit, Jesus would have dealt with them all together differently. Ya understand that? That's what you do when you're witnessing. When someone is receiving a little and believing a little, you come on one way, when they're receiving a little and not believing at all or vice versa or different mixtures . This should help you understand what you're doing anyway. Uh 9:41 was there.

Number 5, putting them together in slightly different words ,yeah, putting together in slightly different words. 5:24 6:51, 5:24 "He who hears my word" is like receiving, but then you've got to go through like uh John 3:33 "He who receives his testimony, sets his seal to this , that God is true", you have to jumble it around a little bit but you can show, y'know, by uh by a common denominator that seeing is receiving and hearing is receiving, hearing his words, is receiving. So it's saying the same thing but it's slightly different words, 6:51 ta-uh" Truly, Truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death, huh?

Brother: ((low audio))no, (((I am the living bread which came down from Heaven)))

Stewart: That's 8:51 okay that's 2 for you, 1 for me." I am the living bread which came down from heaven, whoever eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread which I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh." That's saying the same thing again. . I'm the living bread which came down from heaven, anyone who eats of this bread, he will live forever. You know what, I really am spacing out. ((rec time 29min 13 sec))

tired, I really am. Is anyone else? (yes, no) I really am, I really, oh my goodness, Stop, when I came across that 6:64 boy, that really broke me up there, that's actually a wrong reference. Anyway, 6:51. Putting it together in different words. Receiving and believing. "I am the living bread which came down from heaven, if anyone eats of this bread", well that's receiving right there. If you're eating of the bread, when he said it came down from heaven, you're receiving him. That's receiving in him. And the bread which I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh. Where does believing come in there, somebody help me out

Brother: he will live forever

Stewart: uh?

Brother: he will live forever

Stewart: Oh yeah, he will lives forever works back, oh yeah you work backwards, usually, he who believes, says in 6:47, He who believes has eternal life, it's believing that gives you eternal life. So somehow, eating his bread is believing in him also. What? right. Pull it out trend, um 17:03 try and really whip it together. Hey that's alright though if we get through that, tomorrow night we'll do the other half.

(rt 30m 46 s)) end of side 1

Side 2

Stewart: doubting by far, or at least more receiving, whadda ya think? Think Nicodemus received Jesus more or less? What do you think? You don't know. Does anybody know, is anybody awake? Say yes uh Pamela.

Pamela : More

Stewart: Heavy! That's the right answer, Pamela.

Pamela: Heavy

Stewart: Good. Okay, Maybe we should have a question and answer period on this now. Tol, This part's almost over. (low audio) the verse of

Number 11, Verses Showing Some Openness that went Downhill. There's that too , isn't there? Bill wanted to uh have some uh water dripping out of the hole heh of the circle here. He wanted some falling off here, y'know meaning some that don't go up, but go down. Those that don't get into receiving him, that don't do 3:3, dya follow? When you get into this circle, yer under conviction. You're either at the top or the bottom. Well what about those who did receive. Who did believe to some degree and wound up rejecting, we've seen them a lot haven't we? (yeah) We've seen many cases of that. That's very very very sad. Here are some cases of this happening in the gospel.

Number 10 we have um the rejection, 6:36 my my "But I said to you that you have seen me, and yet do not believe." Now , two verses earlier , had not they been saying to him, Lord, give us this bread always? Right ?(yeah) And yet, it wasn't right, and uh they didn't believe in Him, even though they saw him. They were receiving him. Lord, give us this bread always, but it was like a blind receiving, it wasn't uh believing at all. John 6:70 "Now this he said about Judas Iscariot, Did I not choose you the 12 and one of you is a devil? he spoke of Judas Iscariot, son of Simon, for he , one of the 12, was to betray him" , right? 71. Isn't that a case of openness, isn't pe Judas come in. Didn't he wind up rejecting Jesus? It's a gross case. Another one that.... Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, Every branch of mine that bears fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit. Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, he prunes, Every branch of m.. (laugh) ine, I'm tired too, you know... Every branch of mine that bears no fruit he takes away and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit. Now the first part, Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, What Happens?

Brothers and sisters: He takes away

Stewart: So ,were they branches?

Brothers and sisters: Yesss,,Nooo

Stewart: Every branch of mine. They were branches of His.

Brother: Right

Stewart: They bore no fruit. Well, that's a human, that's a person, getting saved but bearing no fruit and falling away. As Jesus said , when temptation, trouble, persecution arise, they fall away. Cuz they have no root in themselves. Backsliding, completely. That's a case of someone, a general case of openness that led to rejection. Openness that led to getting saved, but then, rejecting Jesus. How much worse punishment do you suppose will be deserved by the man who spurns the Son of God, that verse again, would apply

Number, Number 12. Hang in there. Definite Cases of Not Being in "the All." Not all are, All who? Remember, when it says , "To all who do so and so, well that speaks about a class who don't. Right or Wrong , Janet? What about that class? The ones that don't? Well, 5:29 says something about that. It says (reading or remembering quickly) and come forth, those who have done good( nyeah, nyeah)to the resurrection of Life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of Judgment. Wait a minute. He's gonna judge people. uh oh! Thought you weren't suppose to judge people. Well, He's going to judge. The Word's going to judge. That's interesting bible study right there. Jesus as judge. That is, in what sense is he the judge. I don't judge anybody, and here, He's gonna judge. The Father judges no one, in 5:21, but has given all judgment to the Son. Those look like 2 extremes, they look like uh, even contradictions. In 8:17, Jesus said, In the 8 :16 he said, you judge according to the flesh, I judge no one. Okay, He judges no one, 5:22, though, the Father has given all judgment to his hand. Jesus himself said, For Judgment I came into this world. The point is, He came for Judgment, but He is not the executor of it and that's how it all makes sense. He came to speak the word, which is going to be the judge. So His purpose was judgment , but He is not the judge himself. That's called, a digression. Is anybody into it? (yeah).. huh? (yeah) huh? It's on the tape, you can do it later. Let's go um, going, any questions? How many understand that? Jesus as Judge. Dya ever wonder about that? I judge no one, and, 5:22, The Father has given all judgment to the Son. Why yes, He is given the matter of judgment to the Son, doesn't mean the Son is sitting on the throne, to Hell with this one, and , to heaven with that one.

Sister: He said, the word which I have spoken

Stewart: 12:48, that's right, we just read it, John 12:48. Yes?

Brother: The word is

Stewart: Yes, the word that he's spoken

Brother: ((( Low audio)))...somewhere... part....advocate

Stewart: yes, later he is called the advocate, which means a lawyer, not a judge. He's the one who sticks up for me, on the day of judgment. An advocate means a lawyer in King James, in the King Jimmy translation. What is it in Revised? Is it advocate? What is it in the King James?...Does anyone know?

Brother: same thing... advocate

Stewart: is it? Well, that's an old English term for lawyer. In our uh , in uh in this country it would be called a lawyer. It doesn't mean a judge at all. That's uh, Jesus came for judgment. He came to set up the terms of judgment by speaking the word and that word will be our judge on the last day. y' get that? And that way they all make sense, all the verses make sense about judgment. I judge no one. And there's another sense, in which He could say "I judge no one" He said in the present tense. Even if he were to be judged on the last day, He isn't now. He's now the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. He's now our shepherd. But He's going to be king over all. But He's not a judge at all right now. 5:29.

Now 6:66, that's the number of man, "After this, many of his disciples went away and no longer, went withdrew, and no longer went about with him, John 6:66, "After this many of his disciples drew back and no longer went about with him." Isn't that a case there of not being in the all? Didn't they take themselves away? Didn't they? Bill, uh what would your judgment be of this uh scriptural-escalogical interpretation of the exegesis of the significance?

Bill: What's the question?

Stewart: (huh,((laugh)) Get the bamboo stick out, it's getting late, and we've got a lot to go, right? Nevermind. Wouldn't you say that that shows, that they weren't in the "all who", sure, sure it does. Because they took themselves away. They weren't interest anymore.

Definite Cases of Not Being in the All. John 10:26 the last one, now that's an interesting verse and it's not hard to remember it. "But you do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep." Wouldn't you say then that they were not in the "all who" ? Y'know, y'you pass over a little phrase like that, "But to all who..." Well that says a lot of a lot of different things in there. It means that therefore that there's certain people who aren't in that, since there's a division. Jesus said he came to divide, didn't he? Well then, if there's one class, then there's the other class too. And that's what we've been looking at in this last up category, Definite Cases of Not being in the All. And one related to it right before there, People that, apparently were in the all, but uh backslid. Shall we have a break again now? (no. no) Let's vote on it, I could just go all night. Because I'm talking quietly.

Brother: Stewart

Stewart: Yes?

Brother: Let's (low audio) go to 8:00 though, it's not yet 8 start

Stewart: Good, I'm, I'm willing. Let's go. Let's turn the page. Oh, one of the heaviest of all, but a short one, but a very heavy one This is one of the heaviest of all the sub categories in the whole hundred sub categories. This is extremely heavy, Ernie (((rt 10:56)))

(((((off microphone:::: I smell pot, somebody's smoking pot,

Stewart: Somebody's smoking pot?

Brother: right through there,... down the hallway.....but how would it get in here?

Stewart: find out if they're smoking it in there. Praise God, well )))))

On Microphone:

Stewart: Well, Let's, Let's read this. Who received Him, who believed. And in brackets , in His name, in other words, that's what it means, but just the part, Who received him comma who believed. The point of this, eh, division right here, this whole page, the point of it is that's it's necessary to receive and believe. And (clearing throat) the gospel is saying you must do both. Everywhere. You can't just do one. It's one of the most important passages in John 1:12. It cun shows that both steps are required. It's necessary to both receive and believe in Jesus. it's easy to demonstrate, with almost all the other (((following? )))((( references?))) ..referring to these two aspects, these two parts together also show the failure of doing one and not the other. Alright the first part, the biggest part there are verses that show that you must do both, and that's uh that's a lot of them in there as you see, that might be the first one you ought to get into, that group of verses right there. Showing it's necessary to both receive and believe in Jesus. Now the 3 super heavies, that's very interesting, but I notice there's only one on this...12:36, that's interesting. There's only one there, isn't there? Well ,then let's um, Let us take John 1:39 and 41 and look at that. John 1:39 and 41, let's see. That would be uh, "many Samaritans from that city, believed in Him because of the woman's testimony, "He told me all that I ever did" is that it?

Brother : 1 chapter 1

Stewart: Chapter 1 :39(low audio) Oh , what am I doing? That's 4:39. That's also in there isn't it? The 4:42 is also circled, showing how uh the uh Samaritans first received Him, and then believed in Him. uh but 1:39 yeah, come and see. uh The the uh, that's receiving right there, "but Jesus said to them "Come and see, and they came and saw where he was staying, n' they stayed with him that day. Is that believing or receiving Jesus?

Brothers and sisters: receiving ,receiving ,receiving, receiving

Stewart: Are you starting to understand that?(yeah, yeah, yeah ) Receiving is wanting to be with Jesus, dealing with him. "Okay, I'll check it out", that's receiving. And they did that. And what happened the next day? ((they believed) They believed. And they believed the right way, the heavy way, they were calling Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God, the King of Israel. He whom Moses wrote about, all 5. Two disciples were calling him that. Nathaniel and Andrew, right? Nathaniel and Andrew. Nathaniel and Andrew said that. right? yes, Andrew and Nathaniel said those things. The next day, they were calling, at least Andrew the next day, believed in Him. So there's a case of receiving and believing ah, and you can clearly see receiving and believing, in there. So it is with each one of these references. I 'll just pick one at random here, the circled one 36,chapter 12, oh yeah sure 12:36, you already know that. Take 16:27. Chapter 16 verse 27. Does that show that you must receive and believe? Well, di ' uh, John 16:27 says, "And the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I came from the Father." Well the loving him, on the part of people, he was talking to disciples, it's not God loving people, it's people loving, and that would correspond to receiving, that is wanting to be with him and uh, continuing to want to be with Him and uh growing in a relationship with him. Which is something different than being convinced that He is the Messiah. The Father Himself loves you , because you've loved me, AND have believed, that I came from God. Well, receiving and believing are both in there. In other words.

John uh 5:44 is circled, Let's look at that one. As you all know John 5:44 says, oh yes, "If another comes in his own name, him you will receive. No it doesn't, it says, "How can you believe, who receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?" Now believe and receive are in there. We're suppose to receive glory from God, we're eh sposed to seek glory from God rather, which means seeking the presence of Jesus. How can you believe when you are not seeking my presence? Nothing? What is the onl, the glory that comes from the only God? That's Jesus, it's not the Maharaj gee.

Hello, everyone, How are ya? Warm evening, isn't it? Amen. Bill, what w'd you say to the eschatology of this theological proposition?

Bill: low audio

Stewart: Yes, would you say...How can you believe, is what Jesus said, How can you believe, who seek glory from one another. You just want each other to patch you on the back and don't seek the glory that comes from the only God. We are to seek glory y'know. We went through that before. To those who seek glory, and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life (wow) We are to seek glory and honor, but God's glory and honor, not eh human glory, not eh vain glory, as it's called, and there's another scripture that ties in here, coincidently, and that's John 12:42 and 12:43, "Nevertheless, many even of the authorities believed in him but for fear of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out the synagogue, for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God." Were they not also um, seeking glory from one another ? Were they? What would you say, Brado, are they? Were they seeking glory, I'm so tired, am I ? Hey, um, were they seeking glory from each other? Sure they were. sure they were. They loved the praise of men , more than the praise of God. That's not seeking the glory that comes from the only God. The praise of God would be the glory of God. Jesus,uh, being with Jesus, and having God's approval. They're not looking for that. That,That corresponds to receiving Jesus, being open to him , seeking , desiring, etcetera, as on the chart. Everyone understand that?( yeah) Or are you totally fogged up? What d'say Cleveland, d'ya understand that? You don't. Ah, uh, Joann I can't hear ya.

19min 21 sec

(Laugh)- huh, Praise God, 200 foofers, how about that! That's wonderful. Hey, this has to be, uh really, one of the happiest days, I ever knew, really. I just keep thinking of "Who has born me these?" And I can remember years ago, being completely alone, and uh where did all this come from? Wow! Praise God is all I can say. uh, to get back to this, to get back to this. Where are we? Some more heavies, that you can see both. What John 20:31 is a very top verse, right? " But these are written that you MAY Believe, that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that believing you may have life in His name. " But these are written that you MAY Believe, well that you "May Believe" doesn't mean you are going to believe through this, says you have a chance. There's something else involved in other words, receiving. You gotta believe too and you gotta know these facts, and you gotta know that he is the Messiah by these proofs , yes. But these are written, these proofs are written, so that you may believe that he is the Messiah, the promised one. Praise God.

rec time 20 min 43

Another one is uh, 2:23. Chapter 2 verse 23 "Now when he was in Jerusalem, at the Passover feast, many believed in His name, when they saw his signs which he did. See that, many believed in his name, when they saw his signs. Well, they were there and they were dealing with him. They were watching his signs, weren't they? Right there was receiving Jesus. That's how I received Jesus. That is. Receiving Jesus, dealing with him. Sure, they were full of doubt, in fact um, it came to nothing, they were dealing with, John 2:23, who received him who believed in his name( now when he in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast, many believed in his name, when they saw the signs which he did) You know what? That's a heavy in there because it comes in to the other category. I got it wrong. It's um, a case of receiving. It's a case of believing and not receiving. It's a case of believing and coming to nothing. In fact I have that under that category as a heavy, do you see that? (yeah) 2:23, thought there was something wrong. Well when you're tired I half way don't agree with myself. Sometimes I catch it. Um. Look at it again. What were they doing there in John 2 :23? They saw His signs, many believed in Him. They saw his signs, for his miracles, we went through this, uh few days ago in Allentown, didn't we? 2:23? 4 and 5. A week or two ago. They believed in His name, they believed just for His miracles, many believed in his name when they saw his signs, which He did. They believed alright and they believed in His name, the right way, but um, but that receiving wasn't much receiving at all. It wasn't that much, just watching his miracles. So uh, that's why it's a case of the other one. It's in the main category, they're all in there. Well, let's try another one.

5:24 really heavy verse, John 5:24, "Truly, truly I say to you, he who hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life." Can you see receiving and believing in there?(yeah) Believing Jesus means you have to believe in God. It means you have to actually receive God's testimony concerning His son, otherwise you're calling God a liar. If you are calling God true, then uh you're calling Jesus true. He who does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father who sent him. If you believe in Him who sent me, if you believe Him who sent me, then you believe Jesus. Period. And hearing His word...

Brother: Hearing His word is like listening to His word.

Stewart: Sure. Doesn't mean your eardrums. Like um, a few minutes ago they were talking about, they saw His miracles, they were receiving, and they were watching his miracles, their eyeballs were were uh involved, they saw his miracles, but that doesn't mean anything in itself.

Now another one, um, I would like to point out, one of the apparent problem ones, at this time...How much time is left on the tape?

Brother: 5 minutes

Stewart: Alright, Here's a good one. John 3:32 and 3:33, how does that tie in with this? Let's look at those two verses." He bears witness to what he has seen and heard, yet no one receives his testimony. He who receives his testimony, sets his seal to this, that God is true." How does that tie in with all this? No one receives....his testimony. Well they receive Jesus, but they don't receive his testimony, really. When you're starting to receive Jesus, when you're just starting, you don't start by receiving his testimony, that's too heavy. In fact, no one can receive Jesus' testimony, now, receiving Jesus and receiving his testimony are very different things. You'll notice in the middle of the chart, when you're in that Heavy Circle in the middle, then you are partially able, through the Holy Spirit, to receive His words and testimony and accept Him. No one can do that on their own. No person can do that. No one receives his testimony. But when you receive Jesus and you believe in him, and you're working up those arrows, you're being led up those arrows and you get into that Heavy, "getting serious with Jesus" then, through the Holy Spirit, you are able to receive his words. He who receives his testimony then sets his seal to this, that God is true. In other words, if you received Jesus' testimony you're calling God true. Therefore 5:24 also ties in, when it says, "and believes him who sent me." Therefore, putting those two together," believing Him who sent me" means "receiving Jesus testimony." Do you all see that? Well, it's on tape, you play it back, and you go over it. eh point, clearly does, but I guess we're all tired. Well, you're looking Andy, do you see it or not?

Brother: No I (low audio) I tried

Stewart: (cough) Oh wow, do have, I do try, on a heavy budget. Well, that's true anyway, John 3:32 and 3:33, No human being can accept Jesus' testimony. You can't do it on your own. No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. (in a mocking country preacher's voice) You can't be going up them there aisles , brother ,unless God's leading you. (laughing) I do try.

Brother: Maybe you should do a marjo

Stewart: Hey that chart is all right, I tell ya, that chart's uh showing where it's at. Do a Marjo? , Noo! Let's just do one more verse. One more heavy verse, whadda ya say? Received and Believed, John 4:42,They said to the woman," It is nolongerbecuzeyertestimony, is that it?

Brother: yeah

Stewart: It is nolongerbecuzeyertestimonythatwebelieve, we've heard for ourselves, we know, we know that this is indeed the savior of the world.

Brother: That's it......That's it (audio break)

Stewart: (low audio)And they believed and uh they both grew, receiving and believing grew. So they were really committed, they were really in that area there. Okay let's break up for a while and then we'll get back.

Break(( brothers and sisters talking)

Brother: People, we must bring it to your attention, that the FF will not be meeting in this building next Saturday.

Brothers and Sisters: Why....why why why? why??

Brother: Because the church will be using it for their own affairs. So the FF will not be here next Saturday.

Brothers and Sisters: Where will we be?

Brother: We don't know what we're gonna do yet. Next to decide.

Brother: ( in a mock radio/ tv drama announcer voice))Will the Jesus kid pull through? (((find out next week)))

Stewart: Where are we gonna meet next week, Kiddies?

Brothers: Cleveland!!!!!

Stewart : Clevelaaaannd!!!!!

Brothers and Sisters:(((( cheers)) ((((clapping)))))

Stewart: Can God deliver a nicotine addict?

Brother: YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Stewart: Can you get us to Cleveland??!!

Brothers and Sisters: Yeaahhhh!!!

Stewart: Hey, hehe, all right now let's see, Cleveland. It was your idea, Skip, at this time, I'll turn the meeting over to you.

Skip: Will go in your private airplane. (laughing), I know, we'll rent our own airplane, whadda say, we'll charter a 747 and have the meeting at 30,000 feet. Yeaaah! (((Yeaaahhh!)))))((((love a fairy tale))))((((should be a rock and roll star)))

Stewart: Hey, that almost happened already. on another airplane, really. People get saved on those. Hey I'll tell ya, twice, twice, I was talking to people in the circle, at 30,000 feet. And they were in the circle. they fell out without a parachute though. (laughing)That is, they didn't get saved. When you're in that circle, there's only 2 ways out, up or down. You know that? Notice how if you.............................................