20 questions for Stewart Traill

Recently there was an article published in Florida about a house own by the Church of Bible Understanding. It is a $700, 000 house. We ex-members know all the explanations for why the church bought the Princeton house and why it was “right” to buy this one. We also know why the "church", at one time, owned 4 airplanes, a helicopter etc. It would be easy to point to these gross luxuries mostly enjoyed by Stewart, but I thought, why not write an open letter to the dear brother and see if he is courageous enough to answer one or two questions? I have a few questions myself and perhaps those online who have the time can forward their questions to me to post here. I am of the opinion that none of the current members would dare call a meeting and hold their pastor accountable. Maybe, in the interest of serving the truth, Stewart will read these and email me his responses to be posted here for all to read. And remember friends, with Stewart, silence is also an answer.

Question 1: Why does a pastor of a church live 1249 miles away from the church he is pastoring?

Q 2: If the house is for church purposes, how many of the church members live there besides you and presumably Gayle?

q 3: Does Gayle Traill still live with you?

q 4: Since you have proven untrustworthy to have “sisters” living under the same roof with you and your wife, are there any sisters sharing this house with you right now?

q5: Do the brothers have meetings with you to hold you accountable due to the fact that you have not been trustworthy around females since 1973?

q6: As per the Grace Meeting, have the brothers and sisters transferred their allegiance from your spirit to God’s Spirit as you indicated in 1989?

q 7: Have you, Stewart, asked the sister you had sit on your lap in Allentown to forgive you?

q8 Have you, Stewart, asked the sister you tried to make your half-wife, to forgive you?

q9 Have you Stewart asked the two sisters you groped at Princeton to forgive you?

q10 Have you Stewart asked the sister you sinned against, to forgive you?

q11 Do you realize that you have taken the place of God in the hearts of the cobu members?

q12 Have you, Stewart, been honest with church money?

q13 Have you, Stewart, sinned against any sister since the Grace Meeting?

q14 Do you, Stewart, hold yourself partly responsible for the fact that most in cobu never married?

q15 Do you, Stewart, hold yourself partly responsible for the sisters never getting married and bearing children?

q16 Do you take any responsibility for the group you created and now control?

q 17 Did you knowingly or unknowingly take charge of the FF and COBU not following the standards of the Bible for Deacons and Bishops found in Titus and Timothy?

q 18 Have you been teaching and practicing Grace since the Grace Meeting of 1989?

q19 Do you think God is pleased with your leadership and your teaching?

q20 What do you think God's judgment will be for you about all this?

Stewart Traill, you are nearing the end of your life here. You will not be able to face God and claim to be innocent of the blood of us all. You have sinned and have not born fruit that befits repentence. If you say, "Behold, we did not know this," does not God search the heart? "The eyes of the Lord are on every place" You may have deceived many, but God is not mocked. Pray that God will soften your heart; that you may yet be saved from your wickedness.