God is 3 and 1

May 10th 2010

Recently, in prayer, I started having trouble again with the idea of the trinity. Yes, I know the word is not in the bible. The idea is though. God is the Lord. Jesus is Lord. The Lord is the Spirit. I started praying to the Lord and then found myself concentrating on the Father, then on the Lord Jesus, then on the Spirit of God. I know that there are no examples of praying to the Holy Spirit in the bible. There is the prophet in the New Testament who said, “Thus says the Holy Spirit.” The Lord is the Spirit. Do we worship the Holy Spirit? We have examples of Jesus accepting worship, and the Father accepting worship. But we do not see anyone praying to the Holy Spirit or worshipping the Holy Spirit. I do not know what to do. I do not want to offend God. I want to worship God. When I do worship God, I am worshipping the Holy Spirit because He is the Lord.

I started to back up and think about what I was thinking behind the thinking. I look at God and see my Father, I see the Lord of Hosts, I see the I AM. I see many names, many ways to identify Him. Then I see Jesus and I am able to see, in a sense, God narrowing His identity for our imperfect human capacity to grasp Him. I look at Jesus for what He did for us, what He taught, there is a limit, in a sense, to what Jesus did and said, found in the bible. Now, knowing Him thus far one immediately learns that Jesus is God and that although we have his 33 human years on earth and their record, who He is, transcends the human record. Then I look at the Spirit of God and I see The Comforter, The Counselor, the Convictor. The Spirit of Truth. I limit my view of Jesus and the The Spirit by what they did and what they do. I think this is wrong. I think this is my mind trying to understand them and by so doing I have limited them to my ability to comprehend. I think this is where dividing the Triune God into 3 comes from. I am not being led by the Spirit to pray to 3 Gods because then I would not be walking in belief that they are ONE. By faith and in the Spirit I can pray to all three when I pray to the One. I will not give offense by praying to the Lord if I accept the truth about Him. Religion is born from humans Not inspired by the Spirit but by their flesh seeking spirituality and attempting to capture and control the things of God.