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There have been recent battles online not unlike the arguments years ago. The core of these disputes have been over our present day lives and our understanding or misunderstanding of Cobu and it's effects. Personally, I am passed this topic. I am truly satisfied and settled with my findings about ST and Cobu. For me to argue about ST and Cobu now is a waste of energy. Now please do not get me wrong. There are ex-members who are still struggling under the burden ST would not move with his finger and they need our fellowship, our prayers, and our compassion. Each must be truthful about their own condition and need. For some time now, no one has presented any thinking or analysis, recently, that has either enlightened or edified me concerning our lives in Cobu. I conclude therefore that the matter is resolved. For those still in Cobu, they need to repent of their idolatry of Stewart and leave his cult. What St is doing is not pleasing to Jesus. Anyone who shares his wicked work will suffer loss. This is a time for our brethren in Cobu to dismiss Stewart or "come out from among" his cult.

Present day for most of us means living for God, walking in His Spirit, in deed and in truth, as our true selves, right now. Our problems and our struggles resemble now the biblical description of all those who believe in Jesus. Our 'cult" problem is barely a whisper at our heels. We are now engaged in the spiritual warfare that has no ST inflation or lie. We no longer live with respect to a warped, uneducated, unspiritual view of God. I am saddened that there are still some ex-members outside of Cobu who still want to "live in the past." And there are those who go on with "ministries" of their own invention which offer little in the way of current revelation or sound teaching. I hope to only post here, links to sites that will edify the Christian today about today's warfare. There are, among the ex-members, tested and vetted pastors and teachers who bring the treasure of assured understanding and they are to be commended. There are also ex-members who also have been blessed with understanding and communicate in an unofficial capacity. I welcome everyone to post here. I will not allow on this site anything I consider to be unsound. I will do what all Christians are called to do: to test the spirits, to test and vet teaching, and to test and vet those who claim a ministry. It is what we all should have done years ago and it is essential that we act with vigilance each day so as not to be led astray. Again!

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