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January 19, 2016

Hello current and former members of Cobu. Recently, I received information about what some ex-members are promoting as God's will. I have engaged these people before and find that nothing in the way of reason, logic, or truth is with them but only their rehashed versions of what Traill taught them. I am no longer bothered by their behavior or words but I do believe that if something comes across my desk that I should come here and offer help to those of you who are considering "joining" these brothers in their new missions.

Let me say that while they differ in form, they are similar in nature. They were all touched by Traill and to varying degrees each is acting out what they still cling to. They all seem to share a few things in common. They were in cobu. They were taught the bible and their Christianity by Traill. They rely on prophecy as a means to confirm their authority. I doubt they question or test what is being said. They don't weigh what is said but use it to bolster their way.

Prophecy is imperfect. We all know the scriptures. We all also can spot Traill and those who act in his spirit from a mile away. I have written before of my own supernatural experiences and "the voice" and "voices" I heard from God. Had I listened to these "prophetic voices" I would be doing what these brothers are doing now AND my target audience would be, of course, ex-members of Cobu. Remember how Traill couldn't get any traction with the outside world so he used us? These brothers can't really grow in number without getting their own families and ex-cobu members to boost the numbers.

I urge everyone to be wary of ex-members who arm themselves with prophecy and the Traill spirit to now repeat Stewart's folly. Test the spirits and test prophecy. TEST TEST TEST! This is something we failed to do with Traill and we all know how that turned out.

And now I would like to speak to you brothers who are inspired to lead "something." You are making the same mistake Traill made 45 years ago. Are you qualified to lead according to the standards for bishops and deacons found in the Letters of Paul to Titus and Timothy? If you say yes, then who did you come before for testing? If you have not laid your gospel before brethren of repute, anyone in the body of Christ, then you are as unaccountable as Traill was. I can only guess that your style of leadership then is not Christ-like but Traill-like. You see yourselves as leaders who will shepherd great flocks. Your leadership will be domineering like Traill's and full of pride. Your view of your fellow brothers and sisters will be as warped as your teacher's. You did not learn Christ from a Christian leader but a false teacher and a false christ. Since you will not believe the truth about Traill but hold to a piece of his legacy as a security for your succession, you will repeat his error.

I have been tempted by the way you are going. I saw myself as a leader, an heir to Traill's creation. I nearly died trying to attain it. God showed mercy to me and rescued me from the garbage teaching, the demonic imitation, the ridiculous pride. You brothers need to recognize the truth about Traill. You need to finally abandon the method you were taught. You need to test the spirits, test your prophecies. You strike me as insecure men who trust in the little security and "honor" Traill afforded you. You are afraid to let go of his kind of Christianity because it would mean humility for you and starting over again. It would mean submission to healthy authority in the Body of Christ. None of you has shown yourselves free from Traill or healed. You cannot possibly lead anyone in your present state. The fact that you think you can lead is a testimony to your delusion. Traill's teaching makes for domineering leadership. I am finding that the more I walk with Jesus and walk in His steps, the more I encounter service and humility and anonymity. Paul the Apostle was not some heavy hitter pushing people around. A true Christian is practically invisible and yet powerful in the Spirit and his works are not trumpeted or announced in the streets. Brothers, for the sake of your wives and families, who, according to scripture, come before your "missions" or "leadership;" please stop and repent. God is not calling you to leadership. You have not done of the work most ex-members have done in detoxing from Traill. And for those of you who entertain fantasies about "taking" control of Cobu when ST is dead, I say, examine yourselves. What great harm you would do to your brethren in your present condition. Current members need Jesus to lead them in the Holy Spirit and not another Stewart Traill knock-off.

Brethren who left cobu, I urge you to avoid these men. Let us all learn the lesson of Cobu and not repeat our error with St's miniatures.



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