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Chris/BustaThis Page was born: June 1,1999, launched July 28, 1999, and revamped November 23, 1999.

Welcome! We see you've made it to the first Unofficial Busta Kirkpatrick Webpage! No we aren't crazy-it's just that this cute little fellow needs a webpage-it's only fair that the rat of Lil Tyke gets one-why not Busta?

Chris & BustaBusta became the "sixth" member when N Sync (the boyband sensation) decided to give away a pup at the end of their concert tour. Chris Kirkpatrick adopted him and gave him the name Busta after rapper Busta Rhymes. Busta seems to have the love of all fans and the guys-Justin Timberlake says that Busta now sleeps in a cage because he use to leave gifts for him in his bunk! Poor Busta! Doesn't Justin know it's a form of love??

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i'm EJ & JP and i'm obsessed with blue.