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These photos were taken at the approximate location of the old L.G. Murphy ranch site. After Murphy the ranch passed
into the possession of Thomas B. Catron, who in turn sold it in 1882 to an English syndicate headed by J.A. Alcock.

This photo was taken at the approximate location of the old ranch site.

Another photo taken at the same site, but this one shows a little more of the surrounding area. Notice the mountain range in the background. This same mountain range
can be seen in an old woodcut of the Murphy ranch done in 1883 that appears on page 227 of Frederick Nolan's excellent book "The West of Billy the Kid".

This is a photo I snapped of my friends at the Murphy ranch site. Left to Right: Elizabeth Fackler and her husband Michael
(Elizabeth wrote the excellent novel "Billy the Kid: The Legend of El Chivato")
and Don McAlavy ( Past President of the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang and former editor of the annual Outlaw Gazette)