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Historical marker at Puerto de Luna

After Billy the Kid's capture at Stinking Springs, Garrett stoped here at the Grzelachowski store in Puerto de Luna.
It was here during that same time that Billy the Kid ate his last Chritmas Supper.

It was in this room that Billy was served his last Christmas
supper while wearing shackles and chained to Dave Rudabaugh.

Posse Member Jim East recalls guarding Billy the Kid in this building...I was put on guard by myself with a long adobe room and a fireplace in one end and a door in the other. We had Rudabaugh and the Kid chained together. The others were not chained. They put me in there and locked us all in. I sat down on a pile of wood by the door and the prisoners were in the other end.
"After we sat there awhile, Billy said, 'Jim, do you have anything to smoke?"
"I said, 'Yes, I have some tobacco."
"He said he had some papers."
"I said, 'Billy, I'll throw you the tobacco."
"He said, 'No, I'll come and get it,' and he and Dave started across the room toward me.
"I said, 'Hold on, Billy! If you come any farther, I'm going to shoot you."
"They started on and I said, 'Hold on, Billy, if you make another step, I'll shoot you."
"He stopped and said, 'You're the most suspicious damn man I ever saw.' He turned back and I pitched him my tobacco. He threw it back and said he didn't want any of my tobacco.
"The boys were gone about an hour to get dinner. I was locked in and Pat had the keys in his pocket, and that was a mighty foolish thing to do. He got two of his deputies killed in somewhat the same way."

This is the road that Garrett's posse brought Billy and the gang into Puerto de Luna on.
This photo was taken looking south toward the direction of Fort Sumner.