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  1. @irkim's Page ~ He has a bunch of basketball stuff. It has some stuff about him too. Yall should talk to him, he's awesome.

  2. Alloy ~ They have clothes for boyz and chicks here! They have weirdo shirts for guys. But some of yall may like them. =) They have tyte ass shoes for girls too! So check them out. They have not real news, but news on there. And horoscope stuff. {I think.}

  3. ~ It's a cool site to join. You can chat, make a webpage, read interviews with Asian-American stars, learn a lot of new stuff, meet lotsa new people! Okie, it's just really cool! =)

  4. ~This page is awesome! It has practically everything about the BSB! They even have the lyrics to MILLENNIUM!

  5. Bored? ~ This page is so weird! hehe You can play hilarious jokes on your friends. In fact, Shannon did a couple to me! *s*

  6. Coco Lee ~ This is Coco Lee's official website for Just No Other Way. It's really cool and you get to learn a lot about her! She's my favorite singer! Check it out!!

  7. ~ This is DJ's awesome site! It has everything that I don't have. hehe =) All those funny and guy stuff that is excluded from my page. He's an awesome webpager. hehe =)

  8. DeLiA'S ~ They have the coolest clothes here!! I'm not allowed to but stuff online, but if you are, then you gotz ta chesk this out. They only have clothes for chix. Sorry fellaz! hehe

  9. HTML Goodies ~ If you need any help what-so-ever with html stuff, go here! It's kinda complicated {for me} to understand sometimes, but it has a bunch of helpful stuff that you can learn and use!

  10. Karen's page ~ She says it sux but its cute! I love her background. It has a really cool poem on there, be sure to check it out!

  11. Katherine's Page ~ She's my cousin in Florida. She has a cool page too! The linx on her page are very awesome! Her page is personal, ya know?

  12. Lissa Explains it All~ This is site is WAAY awesome! If you are starting out on making a page and want it way cute, then check out this site! She has the bestest advice and it's waaay easy to understand!

  13. MissChickClick ~ If you've ever been to ChickClick and thought it was just for older women, then go to MissChickClick.. It's a cool site for teenage girls! Sorry boys, it's an all girlie site! Unless you really wanna get to know your feminen side. hehe *s*

  14. NBA ~ This is the official NBA site, so it's gotta be good. = ) Anywayz, bball is my favorite that's why I put it up here!

  15. Official Backstreet Boys Page! ~ I totally LOVE them! This is the OFFICIAL page, so it has all that official stuff! *s*

  16. Sanrio ~ Come on yall! It's Sanrio! For those guys, ya know...They're the cute little Japanese characters girls just love!! *s*

  17. Seventeen ~ This is the website to the all famous Seventeen Magazine. It's pretty cool. They have a bunch of quizes for you quiz junkies. *s*

  18. Trevor's Page ~ This page is totally new! He just made it. He just started making this because he's bored at work. hehe It has really cool signs/banner dillys he's made. Kinda on the dramatic side though. *s*

  19. Wonder Chik's Page! ~ This is my best friend's webpage. Its sooo cute. She added a fortune telling thing, cartoon pix, Freddie Prinze Jr. pix, and just a whole buncha stuff! I promise if you go there, it'll make ya smile! *s*