On this page I will put my thoughts, tips, advice, and stories about Paintball.

My Team

I play paintball for Team Beyond Twiztid . These are the people on the team.





Paintball Pictures


Hopper: Carries your paintballs. It attatches to the top (or side) of the marker. One of mine is black and hold 45 rounds, the other is clear and holds 200 rounds.

Barrel Plug: Is a safety thing. When the 'gun is not in use, or is capable of shooting but in an unsafe place, you put the barrel plug in the barrel, so if you accidentally pull the trigger nothing comes out.

CO2: Is what propels the paintball out of most 'guns. Some are capable of using N2 (nitrogen) or compressed air. It's just a gas stuffed into a tank and plugged into the marker.

Bunker: A bunker is basicaly anything you can hide behind in a game. Most bunkers are made of wood or plastic. But natural things like trees, bushes, and the occasional teammate (hehe!) can also be called bunkers.