Chapter 2: Vehicles


NO Pink (with the exception of hot rods)

NO Draggers

At least 67% of the car must still be intact

No pissing in the radiator

Passengers must pick up after themsleves, unless the car is a POS or the driver instructs otherwise.



FM Radio (not required to be in-dash)

Seat Belts optional

HEATER and minimum of 2:40 Air Conditioning (2 windows down at 40 miles per hour)

Secret Stash must remain hidden from everyone except his best friend

Door must shut/lock

Some means of self defense must remain in vehicle in case of hoochies, homos, and the occasional Al-queda terrorist.


Music is controled by the passenger and must be approved by driver to prevent accidents. All selections must be submitted to the driver for approval before listening will be allowed. Any violation of this rule is grounds for instant eviction from the vehicle with or without notice.

No Boy Bands

Volume should be set so that neighbors down the street wet the bed. (seriously)