Chapter 1: Girls

Every man is entitled to his own taste in women. A man's friends must not complain about his current girlfriend, with the exception that the girlfriend is a whore. The typical man's girlfriend is shorter than he is, shares a few common interests, and should be somewhat good looking. After a breakup, a man's freinds MUST NOT go after that girl without permission from him. Code of Conduct: if a man's brother breaks up, then the man may NOT go after his bro's ex. Ever. Problems like this only go one of two places... Jerry Springer or the WWE.

Unacceptable Girlfriend Behavior:

Hanging on other guys

Bringing up embarassing moments in public

Dressing so that other men lust after her (without your permission)

Acting like a slut OUTSIDE the bedroom

Starting conflicts within the Man's circle of friends.

Multiple offenses are grounds for a breakup.

The Man Must:

Treat his girlfriend with respect, unless the girlfriend is behaving unacceptably.

Not force the girlfriend into anything. (NOTE: Feel free to use guilt, bribes, compensation, or any other manipulative means possible.)

Man MUST strive to be a better boyfriend than when he first met the girl.