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Name: Gorian Soulblighter
Profession:bounty hunter, turnament fighter
Class:melee fighter -magic user
Race:Diamond Golem-
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Armor- none (diamond inpenitrable)
Attack- silver tipped diamond claws
Hight: 7ft 6 inches
Magic spells- Diamond Arrow( 20 Magicaly guided arrows)- Stone golem(turn to stone)-Heavans touch(heal to full health [companion])-Earthquake(swallows apponents)-Command foillige(commands the every plants of the earth)
History: Golems thought to be a myth- found in a cave of the northern part of anditoaltroan mountains- Gorian was found in a cave sleeping for endless ages never expecting to be waken again..........years after he entered in this sleep. He was awaken by a pixie. He stood up but he dint know what stood before him. he realized... he remebers nothing nothing at all.... all he remebers is he was a knight of the realm.. but of what realm and why is he now a diamond creature..at this he yells shaking the mountains themselves..........he lived in a pixie villige for 5 years..then it happend...vamores attacked. for what reson it was unknown....... he happend to be in the woods gathering trees for the villige when he heard screams he ran back but to late they had left and destroyed the villige. he now sets out to avenge and to hunt every vamore he can find Myths have it the indistructble creature can only be killed by getting to the heart.....since no way is known how to kill it it must be done through its feelings..but be warned to anger him is to die!

Note: he seaches for fujji_the_ravyn he wishes to meet him and learn more about the kindred. Because they only know how to break the spell.