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Ghosts of Bataan




Eight hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, American forces in the Philippine islands came under attack from the Imperial Army of Japan. After intense fighting without reinforcements, American and Filipino forces surrendered on the Bataan Peninsula.


Features American veterans: Richard Gordon, Ralph Levenberg, Andy Miller, Ted Williams, Melvin Rosen, Bob Brown, Arthur Campbell, Albert Fullerton, Edwin Ramsey, John Cook, Norman Rose, John Moseley, Steve Raymond, Abel Ortega, Ted Pflueger, Bert Bank, John Real, Tillman Rutledge, Joseph Dupont, J. S. Gray, George Idlett, Frank Muther, and Roy Diaz; and Filipino veterans: Rafael Estrada, Menandro Parazo, and Artemio Alejo.


Produced, Written and Directed by Tim Cremin & Chip Rives

Narrated by Mark Consuelos

2005, 2008, Discovery Communications Inc.