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Summary of Qualifications ~Interest in Children
~Age 15 or Older (Sixteen on September 16)
~Ability to Supervise Children Safely
~Sense of Responsibility and Honesty
~Stable Physical and Emotional Health
~Ability to Carry Out Instructions
~Ability to Think Clearly in Emergencies
~Ability to Recognize Safety Hazards
~Ability to Provide Simple First Aid
~Ability to Prepare Basic Meals
~Ability to Play With Children
~Ability to Discuss Job responsibilities and Policies

Education ~Certified Red-Cross Certified Babysitter
~Certified Water Safety Instructor Aide
~Almost Certified for CPR by American Heart Association (will become certified in February 2001)

Wages Around Nine Dollars an Hour for One Child

Hours Starting and Ending Time to be Negotiated With Employer

Benefits ~Tour of Home and Introductions to Children and Pets
~Orientation to the Door Locks, Heater, Light Switches, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers, Burglar Alarm, and any Special Hazards
~Orientation to Household Routines
~Transportation, if Necessary, or an Escort to and From Sitter’s Home
~Instructions About Food for Children and Sitter
~Children Instructed to Cooperate with Sitter
~Emergency Numbers and Information Sheets Provided Including, Name and Number of a Neighbor for Emergency Calls
~Guaranteed Return Time
~Safe, Orderly Home
~Telephone for Short, Local calls
~Use of Television or Radio at Negotiated Times

Note: References available upon request