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Babysitting Message Board

    Good lists about Babysitting, what info you should leave, how you should pick a babysitter, and more!

Parental Guidelines in Case You Need A Sitter
Good information about Finding and Hiring a Babysitter, what to do when the sitter arrives and when you return home. Also some very important safety tips for your children (four and a half stars)

Babysitter Checklist
2 checklists with information to leave you babysitter with. (I would appreciate the detailed form :) ) Also some general tips. (Five stars for checklists, and four and a half stars for the tips)

A Babysitter's Guide
Another checklist for the babysitter. This is not as good as the web site above. (three and a half stars)

What Every BabySitter Should Know
Good overview of things to be told about children to babysitter (Three stars)

What Your Babysitter Should Know
A lot of information to leave the Babysitter with and als otips about when you Babysitter should call for help (three stars)

Safe with Babysitter
Safety tips on how you can prevent major causes of injury (two and a half stars)