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Hello.   My Name is Michael Amend (a pseudonym) and I enjoy computers, people, surfing the "Web", and volunteering.
This site is devoted to sharing love, truth, and happiness with all.   I am a Christian at heart even though I do not follow any of their doctrines nor any of their beliefs.   I like to visit with many Christians, though, to see how they are doing, what they "believe", and what they know.
For the new millennium I have rededicated my life to God and I now devote most of my time actively verifying the truth and sharing it along with the love and light of God.
I believe that one of the most important aspects of living together in true happiness and joy as a world community is to honor love and to let it resonate between us. I truly believe that there is a central Supreme Being who expects us to grow in love, in truth, in wisdom, and in conscience.
This site will share many of the physical and spiritual resources that may assist anyone become a more loving and responsible person.
Life is too short to play around.   Contact me:


First Church of Cyberspace
An Approach of Spiritual Consciousness
A Place To Re-member
Universal Love, Energy & Knowledge
World Light Center
Conversations with God
Self-Help, Relationship, and Mental Health Resources
The Internet Spiritual Portal For Truth Lovers
Dennis Prager Show
Coast To Coast AM
Earthfiles by Linda Moulton Howe
Children's Past Lives
The Real Jesus
Whitley's Journal - Religious Fanatics
The World Of Leo Buscaglia


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Posted on Jan, 2000