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Try This Thought: " A Few Choices to Consider"


Choose to Love   ................... rather than hate.

Choose to Smile  .................. rather than frown.

Choose to Build  ................... rather than destroy.

Choose to Persevere ............. rather than quit.

Choose to Heal  ...................  rather than wound.

Choose to Give  ...................  rather than grasp.

Choose to Act  ....................  rather than delay.

Choose to Forgive  ...............  rather than curse.

Choose to Pray  ..................  rather than despair.

Standing Strong is something that we all must consider.  Its a choice that we can make.  Remember, the choices we make this year will help bring us a bit more peace in light of all the negative that is going on around us.  One ultimate choice we all have is to serve a higher being.  Won't you let GOD be that choice today?

Don't choose to live in vain.  GOD knows all about us and will accept you as you are.  He can guide, protect, and heal you of all the things in life if you just give him a try.  Don't wait till it's too late to cry out to GOD.  Cry out now while you can willingly; and if  it comes a time for a desperate or critical cry, GOD will already be familiar with your voice!  

DaWize Diary "Peep Me"

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Remember:  To Walk by Faith, Not By Sight!

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