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*~*A GoDdEsS PAlAcE*~*

Welcome to The My Palace

Thanks for coming by, its so nice to see you again! Well, as you may have known, I was on vacation, so my house was temporarily closed! But Have no fear, 'cause I decided to do some rearranging and cleaning up a bit!

The last time you were here, things were fixed as I wanted them to be! With the help of D@wn, I had my room slowly coming together! But now, that I have takin' over my very own. I decided to open my cyber-apartment to everyone!

So catch a seat on the LUV chair or you can take a seat at the couch. Don't be shy, you can turn on the tube if you want. Don't be afraid to touch my homestereo system. I'm sure I'll meet all your music expectations. I vary in that category!!! *smiles*

Enjoy your Stay~!

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