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    Hi Scott, what's up?  It is me, Danielle, and I am currently ditching school to go to "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" with my Aunt Karen who doesn't have a daughter to take to work with her, so I am going.  I'm just telling you I have no idea whose email address I am using, so if you want to email back, email my Aunt Karen:
    I have been here since like 8:15 (it is 9:40 now) and I just got the ability to go on the internet, and I remembered the address for your "New York Knicks Empire" web site, because you are always going there when I am over your house, so I decided to visit it and email you.
    How come you did not return my call last night?  I wanted to tell you that I wasn't coming to school and to ask you what you were going to do after school today, because I have absolutely nothing to do, and wanted to do something together with you.
    I am leaving my aunt's job at like 12:00 and I am either going to my house or my grandmother's house, so whenever you have a chance to, you better call me.
    Well, I think I should go now because I wrote so much already, well I got to go, so talk to you later.
                                                   Your girlfriend