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John Starks, #3

For John Starks, it had been a long battle to the top, and it seemed to culminate when he was named NBA All-Star team during the 1993-94 season. All the way from the playgrounds of Tulsa, Oklahoma, through four colleges in four years and painful stints in the CBA and the WBL, Starks had finally proved himself. Some fans are shocked to see Starks and find more smile than growl.
When the Knicks restructed their roster a year ago, John Starks' time in New York, the place where he had risen to heights greater than anyone could have imagined, seemed to be coming to an end. The team was reconstructing, adding pieces like Chris Childs and Larry Johnson, and a talented shooting guard Allan Houston. With Houston touted as a can't miss future star of the NBA, there seemed to be little room left for Starks.
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