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PART II - Jordan Bashing Continued...

And another thing, what is up with the tounge sticking out? Man, I remember the days when the Knicks would beat the Bulls and no other team could. That was last year as a matter of fact. The Knicks beat the Bulls two times in the season. Both at home and away.
Alright, and what's up with Michael Jordan saying he wanted to come and play for the New York Knicks earlier in the 1997-98 Season after the Bulls beat the Knicks by one point which was a very lucky win? What kind of ass would believe that load of BULLSHIT? I think none of the Knick Fans ( including myself ) would believe that load of BULLSHIT! He said he wouldn't mind playing but he wouldn't want to move his family to New York. Can you say Karl Malone is also a player that wants to come to the Knicks? When the All-Star Break was going on, Karl Malone first said that he hated New York City because of all of the bad hotel rooms, etc. After he said that load of BULLSHIT, he said he wouldn't mind playing for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden either! ( I like Malone, but come on, he should stay on the Jazz. )
What comes to mind when you hear the name MJ? I think of a BALLHOG. That's right. For those stupid ass Bull Fans who don't understand and haven't understood for over 11 years, it's B-A-L-L-H-O-G! That's exactly what Michael Jordan is to the NBA for his whole career on the Bulls. Sure, he may score about 40 points one night and then 34 the next, but what do the standings tell you? 20-50 from the field? Can you say LUCK? Can you say MUSCLE? The reason why Michael Jordan is so-called GOOD, is because he has muscle and no fat. That's the only reason why he can jump so high is because of his muscle.
Michael Jordan is not the best player ever. The Bulls are not the best team ever. The Celtics hold that title. The Celtics of the past are better than the Bulls of the 90's. I think, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the greatest to ever play. Michael Jordan did not score the most points ever. Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points in a game. What was the most Jordan had? 70? 72? Okay, fine, 67 points was the most he ever scored in his whole career. Not even close to 100 points.
Oh yeah, who can forget about the traitor Scottie Pippen? Also earlier in the 1997-98 Season, Scottie Pippen said he would want to be traded to another team, preferably the Los Angeles Lakers. I wonder why Pippen wanted to be traded to the Lakers? Maybe because he lost pride in the Bulls, or maybe it's because he knew that the 1997-98 Season was the last run in the Dynasty of the stupid Bulls. Scottie Pippen is a crybaby, just like Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat.
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