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Am I too much of a Knick Fan?

Here's a little entertaining incident that I had on December 20, 1997 at the Greenville Baker Boys and Girls Club of Locust Valley, New York: Okay, not so long ago, let's say, on December 13, 1997, I tried out for the basketball team at the Boys and Girls Club of Locust Valley, New York. One of my best friends, Carlos and I, were trying out because we were cut from the Glen Cove High School basketball team which we should have made. It's not because we sucked...It's because one of the coaches wasn't looking at us play in the back gymasium. But that's besides the point. Anyway, yesterday, which was December 20, 1997, we went to the Boys and Girls Club to find out which teams we were on. ( I mean, there was NO way to get cut from this team because we payed about $55.00 to join up ) So, we were shooting around for an hour and I ased the coach, " When do we find out what teams we are on? ". The coach, which is a cool guy that I've known for quite some time told me, " Go check on the Bulletin Board. It's posted up there. ". So I went over to the Bulletin Board and looked at the list of teams. I looked for my name on the team called the " Warriors " or some yellow colored team. Shit! I forgot which team. Anyway, my name wasn't there. So I check on the team called the " Knicks ". Mh name wasn't there. But my friend Carlos was on there, along with four other really good players. So then I looked on the team that I hate...The " Bulls " and to my surprise....My name was there?!?! I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt light headed and I didn't know what to say. I turned around and I said, " The BULLS?? ". No one listened to me the first time because they were playing a game...I repeated myself...." The Bulls? Why the hell am I on the Bulls? ". Carlos looked at me and said, " What? ". I said it for the third time, " I'm on the Bulls? ". Then one of the other kids looked at me. I was pissed off. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to act angry so the coach would ask everbody what was the matter but that didn't work. They just got back to their game and I was freaking out. I have a love for the Knicks. They are my team. But the Bulls? I don't care if it's only a NAME or a COLOR? I would do anything to NOT be on the Bulls. I would even get in trouble with one of the staff members at the Boys and Girls Club and that is just what happened. I picked up a basketball from half court and threw it hard at the other basket and a staff member named Chris saw me do it. He said, " Hey! What's your problem? Are you angry or something? ". I said " Yeah. ". Then he got me ticked off by saying, " Aw, what are you? A crybaby? " That was it! I was pissed. I turned by back on him and he said, " Hey, come back. ". I turned around and gave him the middle finger and I stormed out of the gym and then out of the club. I was pissed at Chris and I ran outside and hid behind a bush. A couple of seconds later, I started to walk back slowly. Then another staff member asked me, " Hey, why did you storm out of the building like that? ". I didn't answer her. Then she said, " I think you owe Chris an apology for what you did. ". I was thinking, " Yeah right! He's the one who called me names so he deserved the middle finger. ". But unfotunatly, I didn't say that to her.
So, I decided the stay on the team. We lost in the Finals to the Lakers. I wasn't really pissed because I didn't want the Bulls ( which was the team I was on ) to win. We lost by eight points. Thank god we lost because I can't stand any team named the Bulls winning.
NEW!!! It's a new season of basketball at the Boys and Girls Club. Well, it's the summer league and I'm on the Miami Heat. My ex-friend Carlos is on the Bulls....Ironic isn't it how things roll around in a cycle???
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