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Allan Houston, #20

Allan Houston improved dramatically in his first three pro seasons with the Detroit Pistons, then joined the New York Knicks as a veteran free agent and played a key role in their 57-win season in 1996-97. Houston was drafted by the Pistons as the heir apparent to Joe Dumars in the backcourt. A 6-6 guard with a terrific shooting touch and a pure scorer's mentality, Houston had lit up the scoreboard in four seasons at Tennessee, averaging better than 20 points per game throughout his career.
By the end of his fourth NBA season, Houston was showing exactly the soft of potential that prompted the Knicks to pursue him and Van Gundy made his bold declaration. Finding his place in New York, on and off the court, Houston seemed to grow with every game and by the the postseason, he exhibited the long-range shooting touch that few in the game can rival.
Houston logged more minutes per game in the postseason than any other Knick and he averaged 19.2 points per game, hitting 50 percent of his 3-point attempts. Among the gems were a 25-point effort in Game One against Charlotte, 27 points in a Game One upset of Miami, and 25 more in a valient effort in Game Seven of the Miami series. His play convinced most observers, although he admitted that he needed some convincing himself at times.
Allan Houston has the basketball and faces Reggie Miller on defense.