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(I hope you liked the above image, I scanned it from an activity book image and edited it a lot and colored it, to see the last two witches, view the Cyprine section)

Basically, Witches 5 was a secret organization of powerful and pretty women whose main mission is to awaken the Messiah of Silence, they are humans, and they have very limited powers, so they mainly base their power on science, also hiding their identities as Mugen School students. Their origin is unknown, but they were possibly human witches that were possessed with Demons (like Hotaru and Prof. Tomoe), and work for the Death Busters. 

In the case is Cyprine; she and her twin sister are considered just one witch. As a result of all their intents to get their ideals, rivalry and weak powers destroyed them; a lot of them destroyed each other and they basically didn't care for each other, everyone was on their own to become a Great Mage, it is such a waste of talent ^sniff ^sniff. 

Mimet Eudial Viluy Telu Cyprine

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