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The witch which is great at selling things, she was the third witch in the anime, and the fourth in the manga. In the mexican dub, they named her Lulú Teluno in her human form, and Telu in her witch form. 

Her seiyuu in the mexican dub was Norma Echeverría, the same actress that interprets Sailor Star Maker in her female form.

Telu in mundane form

Anime Story:

In the anime, Telu usually appeared in the shadows looking at what seems to be a lie detector test, or the changes in Japan's tectonic plates, and then writing the information on a sheet of paper. She also makes an appearance playing "Twister" with Mimet. Telu seems to have a good physical condition and a lot of tolerance towards the nonsense that Mimet was saying while playing that game.

She may seem to be a very peaceful person, unless she is cheated by somebody. In episode 120, Tomoe told Telu secretly that he wants her to look for Pure Hearts because Mimet wasn't helping him that much. Mimet overheard the conversation and phoned Telu calling off her mission using a machine that would give her Tomoe's voice.

Telu went to investigate and saw Mimet with Luyal's secret machine, she knew she had been betrayed. She waited until Mimet got herself inside of the machine and pulled out the plug sending her to a virtual reality world forever. Telu's main appearance is in episode 121.

Free from Mimet, Telu could finally launch her plan to selling cheap plants that would take away pure hearts, and by using her saleswoman talents, she sold them all in a jiffy. Setsuna was investigating one of the plants and discovered that the plant was evil, along with Serena when one of the plants wanted to hurt Rini.

Moon, Chibi Moon and Pluto went to investigate Telu's store, and discovered her stealing Pure Heart Crystals and putting them inside of a black star. They all attacked her, but only managed to kill most of her plants. As a last recourse to defeat them, she injected a special substance in her last plant which made it grow huge. She told them that it will grab hold of anyone with a Pure Heart and explode with the victim leaving the Pure Heart Crystal behind. She was about to escape when Tuxedo Mask threw a rose at the black star, which broke and se all of the Pure Hearts free. The plant thought she had a pure Heart and attacked it's own master, killing her.

The only thing that was left behind was her ID booklet from the Mugen school, Sailor Moon keeps it as a reference that the enemy is lurking in Mugen.

Manga Story:

In the manga, things happen a bit differently. Telu appears in manga 8, chapters 25, 26, and 28. She also appears briefly in manga 7, chapter 24 and in manga 9, chapter 31.

In the Mugen school, Telu is in charge of the sporting activities and the Botanic Garden. of the Mugen school She has a shop in Tokyo which is called Mamiana, which sells Tellullum plants. Curiously, she doesn't work there, she has a helper instead. Lita and Mina pass by and Lita buys one of those plants.

Right when they make it to Lita's apartment, the two fall asleep and when they wake up, the plant was about to bloom and all of her other plants were dead. The plant was about to attack Lita, but she manages to kill it. Lita and Mina join the others to warn them about the plants, and they all go to the botanic garden.

Just like in the anime, Setsuna bought one of the plants to investigate it, but became very weak and couldn't transform. Haruka and Michiru hear her stress call and run towards her. When the three soldiers are together, Setsuna recovers her powers and turns into Sailor Pluto.

Meanwhile, the battle seems pretty rough, for not even Sailor Moon can defeat Telu. Luckily, the Outers make it on time, where Pluto uses her Death Scream attack, killing Telu in one blow.

Later on manga 9, Kaolinite uses some dolls which turn into the 5 witches and are actually more powerful than the real ones, but Sailor Moon manages to kill them all.

Telu's powers:

Being a witch on level 404, no wonder Telu is powerful. That is why Sailor Moon couldn't destroy her. Her powers are similar to Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon; she can release plant vines from her arms, but instead of releasing fire, they release electricity.

Telu's suit:

In her mundane form, she wears a blouse and a pink dress. In her witch form, she uses a dark green dress with black strings intertwining her arms and legs, ending with a pair of flat shoes. Her hair is tied up in 4 odangos. We never see her with her hair down, but one can suppose she has wavy hair, like Sailor Iron Mouse.

Telu in witch form