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Loved by many, hated by others, Mimet was responsable for the death of Luyal in Sailor Moon S. She was the only witch that still had any desire to become a good person again. Physically speaking, she looks a lot like Sailor Iron Mouse and just like Sailor Iron Mouse, was the weakest of their respective group of villains. Mimet only had a power efficiency of 40.

Her VA in the Latin-American dub was Pilar Escandón.

Her mundane name was Mimi Haniu. She used this name in episode 113 to try to enter a talent contest to win the chance of participating in a movie with a pop star, and even started to become Mina Aino's friend. She was the nly witch that also wanted to become a friend of one of the senshi. She liked to chase handsome male superstars just like any other nutty fan and bake pastries for them, she was very good as a cook, but never had a chance to show Souichi Tomoe (posessed by the Germatoid demon) her pastries.

Mimet in her lab coat Mimet in Witch form

Mimet's anime story:

She appears in the shadows until around episode 107 of SM S. The first impression we get of Mimet is that she literally hates Luyal to the guts. She likes to call her "snail woman" and liked to sabotage her plans for the mere fun of it. When Luyal attempted to get Sailor Uranus's and Neptune's Talismans and failed, Mimet made some snails destroy the breakes in Luyal's car provoking her to fall off a cliff. With Luyal gone, it was her turn to try to get more purehearts.

Mimet usually looked for famous male stars on TV or in magazines and when Tomoe called, she would tell him her next victim and he would prepare a daimon with a physical appearance that ressembled the job of her target. He would then put the daimon inside of a breifcase which Mimet (disguised in a trenchcoat) would grab it and leave the Deathbusters headquarters.

Her plans always failed thanks to the senshi, and Tomoe began to get tired of her failures. Unlike most other villains in Sailor Moon which would kill the villain who could never fulfill their task, Tomoe loved her so much that he told Mimet that there were no more plans for her to attack anyone and secretly asked Telu to start her own plan. Mimet overheard the conversation and tricked Telu with a machine that changed her voice to Tomoe's that the plan was cancelled. Mimet then decided to steal Luyal's Dimensional machine to finish off the senshi. Telu thought something fishy was going on, so she secretly waited till Mimet got herself into the machine. This machine sent Mimet's body into some TV screens which also made her 10 times stronger than normal. The problem about this machine is that if you pull the plug off, the person inside of it would get trapped in it forever. This was why Luyal never wanted to use it, because she knew about the risk. Telu grabbed the plug and even though Mimet begged for mercy, Telu turned off the machine, keeping Mimet trapped inside of it forever. It is unknown whether or not Mimet died or not. Talking about 15 minutes of fame...

Mimet in witch form

Mimet's manga story:

Mimet was the second witch to attack. Seeing Eudial's failure, she promises Kaori that she will win. She decides to organize a concert which only Mugen students can attend. The bad thing about her plan is that she did it at the same place and day as Michiru's concert, so at the very moment she started to turn the Mugen students evil with her singing, everyone was alerted by this. Mina was the first person to arrive, she decided to disguise herself as a male Mugen student and when she found out Mimet's true intentions, she turned into Sailor Venus and confronted her. Mimet was a very weak villain, and asked Kaori to let her use the Demons which lived inside of the bodies of the Mugen students. Kaori warned her that they weren't strong enough, but freed them anyways. PS: Sailor Moon came, Sailor Moon destroyed.

Unlike in the anime, Mimet was already a very famous singer and model and was a lot more cocky in the manga than in the anime.
Anime images:

Mimet with Professor Tomoe
On the phone
Looking silly
Looking cute
Promises to take away Darien's pureheart at all costs
Looking angry
Looking surprised  

Manga Images

Mimet Concert Poster 
Mimet posing in a swimmingsuit 
Mimet appears before Kaori 
Mimet turns into Mimi Haniu 
Mimet looking cute 
Another Mimet in a Mugen uniform 
Mimet makes a promise to Kaori 
Mimet sings in her concert 
Mimet about to say something 
Mimet standing with her staff 
Mimet looking evil with a Buster Star on her forehead 
Mimet sees Venus arrive 
Mimet attacks Venus 
Mimet gets hit with venus's attack 
Mimet making a fool out of herself 
Mimet orders daimos to attack 
Mimet tries to block attack 
Mimet dies