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I am currently going to have a lot of the subpages in disorder, 
because I deleted a lot of them. Anyhow, even though some pics 
in this site were taken from other parts of the web because I 
liked them a lot, a lot of the others were scanned or extracted 
from video files. I personally made many files transparent, or 
fixed the color. Take them if you like them, I don't want to be 
selfish like many other webmasters.

Get to know the Mexican dub / Anime images made by me

S.M. Merchandise from Mexico / Voice Actor List

Sounds of the Mexican dub

Videos of the Mexican dub NEW!

Friends of the Senshi

Witches 5

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Scans from the 2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar! Due to lack of space in Angelfire I won't be able to upload more scans though.

Mistress 9
Sailor Saturn
Mistress 9 and Sailor Saturn

I don't like to brag that my site is the 9th wonder of humanity, but one day someone sent an e-mail with this award, and I finally post it. I was quite surprised since my site had been abandonded for quite a while. >^-^<'.
If I start getting more awards, I might consider putting them in a separate page one of these days. Thanks for your preference!

Another award given to me by a Sailor Saturn Shrine. Thanks Cammy! Visit her cool site by clicking on the image above.