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Usually called the witch of red, Luyal (betterly known as Eudial or Eujeal to english speaking fans) was the first of the witches that appeared in the anime. She was the only witch that suffered a major transformation to her name.
Her VA in the Latin-American dub was Nancy Mckenzie, the same VA as Sailor Galaxia.

Her mundane name remains unknown, for she never mentioned it. In all of the 14 episodes she appears in, she does appear in one anime episode wearing a chinese dress. She is also known for being really selfish and a sort of inventor. She has been known for developing 4 weapons in the anime.

Luyal in her lab coat Luyal in Witch form

Luyal's anime story:

Luyal appears first at the end of episode 102 when Kaolinite is defeated. In episode 103, she finally makes her debut in battle. Her mission was to find the Moon Cup (Translation for the Latin-American dub's alteration of Holy Grail), which was formed by 3 Talismans locked inside 3 pure heart crystals. Her plan was to use a computer to search for probable candidates with pure heart crystals, await the professor to make her move providing a daimon to aid her. She would then hop into a car and search for the victim. When she found the chosen one, she would shoot a pink liquid out of a gun, which took the crystal away. If the scouts came for a fight, she would then order the daimon to distract them while she escaped.

Things went bad for Luyal until episode 108 when she discovered the holder of the Moon Cup's first helper, which turned out to be Sailor Venus. With the help of a daimon, she locked Haruka, Michiru, Mina and Serena inside of a parking lot and discovered their real identities. In this episode she also debuted her new weapon: A fire tossing gun which could overpower Sailor Moon's attack. However, Mina manages to destroy her weapon and she flees.

In episode 109, she also discovers the 3 people with the Talismans and sends them into a trap. In episode 110, Sailor Uranus's and Neptune's Pure Heart Crystals have been stolen and if they aren't put inside of their bodies soon, they will die. Luckily, Sailor Pluto comes to the rescue and returns the Talismans to their lawful owners, which by being together make the Moon Cup appears. A race between time begins as Luyal and Sailor Moon run to get the Cup first, but Sailor Moon manages to get it and turns into Super Sailor Moon. Defeated, Luyal runs to her car, only to see that the breaks have been destroyed thanks to Mimet and she falls down a cliff.

She makes a brief appearance in episode 120 in a photograph where Mimet decides to use a machine she invented to finish off the sailor scouts.

Luyal in witch form

Luyal's manga story:

Wishing to become a high magician like Kaori, she works in the Mugen school in the phylosophy branch. She sends the students under her care to the woods to practise judo (Haruka being there), and eyes Serena and pals in the class and kicks them out. Later, she sends some students outside and posesses them with the Buster power, but Rei and Lita discover her plans and attack her. Mars's power only makes her imitate Medusa's hairdew, but eyeing the smoke in the air, the rest of the gang arrives and kills her.
Anime images:

Luyal holding a pure heart crystal
Looking kawaii
Luyal attacks Mina with her pure heart crystal extracting gun
Mina is unconscious!
Luyal, Haruka and Michiru discover Sailor Moon's identity
Looking angry
Luyal and Uranus see Neptune's Talisman appear
Luyal steals the Talismans
Pluto retrieves the Talismans
Race for the Moon Cup
The finale of the race
Defeated, Luyal escapes
Luyal falls off a cliff  

Manga Images

Luyal appears... 
Luyal in disguise 
Luyal makes a promise to Kaolinite