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I bet many of you are wondering why did I type the names incorrectly; but I must inform you that in Latin America, Cyprine was named Ciprin, and Pikuroll was named Petirol (because of the shape of her dress). 
Since that is settled, this is a strange character in the anime, because the two twin sisters are considered only one witch, this might be, because they were both implanted with the same Demon, and were able to share the same powers; this info. is according to the manga, where they are completely evil possessed humans, while in the anime, they are more human like, Tomoe freed the Guermatoid creature by his own will, Mistress 9 said it herself. 
  They only appear one episode in the anime, but Ciprin appears in shadows a few times in earlier episodes, like where Mimet kills Luyal, or where Tomoe tells Mimet's pure heart extracting method. In the manga, they appear very briefly in the manga 7, but make their debut at the ninth (I don't have it yet) 

Anime Story 

After seeing all the witches getting killed, Tomoe asks Ciprin to try to get as many Pure Hearts as possible, he knew that she was the strongest of all the witches, and nearly hugged her. Kaori was not really happy with her presence, so she decided to get a really useful Pure Heart, which was going to be Rini's. 
Haruka and Michiru suspect the strange behavior of the Mugen students, who were hypnotized by Ciprin to enter a room and a large Messiah of Silence stature extracted their pure hearts.  
The Sailors sneak into the building and Ciprin uses her telekinetic powers to teleport them into an office where she presents herself (wow! she knew their identities!). The scouts transform and try to fight her, but none of the attacks hit Ciprin, some strange energy knocks a couple of the senshi down, and they discover that there is a second witch, who looks very similar to Ciprin, called Petirol, who was giving her some backup. Ciprin grabs her staff, and the two sisters use their double Buster powers to knock out the scouts. The Sailors send attacks towards them, but they get absorbed by their staffs and make the witches more powerful. The sailors make their minds up that they have the same powers, so they make them separate and thinking they were going to hit a senshi, they accidentally hit eachother and die in an explosion. 

Manga Story 

Since I don't have the 9th tankouban yet, I can only trust a simple resume of a book I have of the manga. 
After seeing 4 witches killed, Kaori asks Ciprin to get rid of the Scouts. Suddenly there is a great blizzard in the city caused by her, the storm knocks Rini unconscious inside Hotaru's house for a short while, this attack makes the senshi turn mad and they start to attack eachother, but hopefully the Outers arrive, and their talismans make the Holy Grail appear, turn Sailor Moon inter a super Sailor form, and she kills the twins easily. 

Ciprin's powers
1 - Floating
2 - Absorb enemy's attacks with staff
3 - shoots a bomb of energy with staff
4 - Hypnosis and Telekinesis

Some Anime Images

Cyprine with her weird glasses
Cyprine with her Twin Sister

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