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The Lore of AMMO


~The AMMO Creed~

"Proviving the enemy

the opportunity

to die for his country"

~Other AMMO Sayings~

We live so others may die!!!

Those who run only die tired!!!

Bombs are our business and business is BOOMING!!!

Nuke'em 'til they glow then shoot 'em in the dark!!!

Without AMMO there's no "Force" in the Air Force

Delivery in 30 minutes or the next one is free!!!









Secret's from the Scrolls...

In an effort to look into the pride felt by us in the AMMO community, added below is an excert from an ancient and honorable scroll.

Thus it is written in the talismanic scroll concerning AMMO... in the begininning the universe was formless and void. Then was ordained the "Big Bang" and so AMMO was. Through antiquitity even until today, the world has trembled at the roar of AMMO's power. The walked cities and the strong towers continue to fall beneath the onslaught of our awsome might. Moving like a mighty tidal wave across the world, AMMO conquered the unconquerable and brought low those weilding indiscriminate power. Our charge for the future is as it has been in the times past: supply those in the right with the power to protect and fight for the right. Until all live as brothers in the world where we have space and peace only, AMMO will live. So it was it is written in the shall it be...!



A note to the reader. This page is personally run and maintained by me. It's contents, opinions, and/or views are in no way connected with the United States Air Force or any other local, state, or government organization. My affiliation with the United States Air Force is merely coincindental, as I am a now a diabled veteran. All sayings and slogans read within the 3 AMMO pages have been a part of the AMMO community for many years before me, and will still be here many years after me. What can I say, I love my job and being an AMMO dawg.

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