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Welcome to CNC collectibles!

I deal mostly in baseball cards and have a pretty extensive collection. I do have a limited number of basketball and football cards that are available. For the time being you will have to e-mail me to inquire about those items until I have time to bring them on-line.

For those interested in trading, my main hobby interests are Fernando Valenzuela and John Olerud. I am willing to make pretty good trades on items that I do not currently own. My want list can be found below. If you have anything on it please email me and we can work something out. Other then that, I do not do much trading but I am open to negotiations for other players sometimes and when I trade it's high book value on all items.

For those interested in purchasing, you will find that most of the prices are well below book value. If a card is listed at book value or just below it, that means that card is in high demand and thus commands the going rate. I sometimes am open to negotiations on this, but for the most part I stick with my prices on high demand items.

New to the store is a player classification system. I use this when determinig prices for unlisted stars, semistars, and minor stars. I've added this for your convienence to help clear any confusion when dealing with unlisted players. I hope you find this system helpful. Enjoy the store and contact me if you find anything you need.

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