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Pleasant Wright creates functional sculptures. She digs and processes the clay for her work from the mountains of Central New Mexico. All sculptures are individual, one of a kind pieces, due to the hand sculpting process she has developed. Pleasant’s studio and home are located in the high desert (Llano) of New Mexico on a 2 3/4 acre ranchito.

"I make a line of functional sculptures out of New Mexico red clay. These pieces have a variety of uses (candle holders, storage jars, light fixtures, bowls,incense holders, ect.) I also make applique quilt/wall hangings."

Ms Wright’s work has been shown in galleries and shops throughout New Mexico and Minnesota.

Breath of the Llano

The sculpture, Breath of the Llano, is the signature piece of Ms Wright's studio and was inspired by the Spring winds of the New Mexico high desert. $350.00

Owl Magic

Owl Magic: was inspired by Burrowing Owls who have a colony close to my studio I like to include functionality in my art, much as the ancient artisans did. This piece has space for a votive candle which casts the cutout designs onto the wall. $200.00

Earth Mother

Earth Mother: this sculpture, which doubles as a storage jar, and candle holder was inspired by Ghaia, the great mother and my deep concern for the environment and our need to respect the earth You will note the similarity in the color of the stones upon which the Goddess sits and the stones used in the ruins in regards to the coloration of the piece.... this is the result of my clay being dug from the surrounding New Mexico Mountains. $250.00

To view more of Ms Wright"s Work or for special orders, contact Owlworks at:

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